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Wall Street Corporate Cup Returns



Takes place July 28th at Randall’s Island.

New York, NY – On July 28, 2012, Soccer Resort’s Wall Street Corporate Cup will take place in Randall’s Island.

With all the soccer excitement happening in New York City, even Wall Street wants to get into the fun. Organized by Soccer Resort, coed teams will have the opportunity to competitively relax against other corporate companies to determine who has the best soccer team in Wall Street.

A market leader in soccer vacation & entertainment in travel industry, Soccer Resort has more than 10 years’ worth of experience which has catered to over 25,000 plus soccer enthusiasts. With offices in Hoboken, New Jersey, Soccer Resort organizes events all over the world.

As stated in their website.  Since the Miami South Beach Classic of 2003, The Soccer Resort has organized competitive and recreational adult soccer tournaments from Iceland to Las Vegas, and New York, to Boston, California, Miami South Beach, Hawaii, Costa Rica San Diego, San Francisco, Dublin, London, Hawaii and many more locations.

Even though the Wall Street Corporate Cup is a soccer event, this experience is an excellent way to build employee morale. As in any profession, stress is high and with the emphasis of working like a team, a day of soccer is better than sitting in an all-day training about Staff Building. Along with that, the time could be used to work on communication and expectations of everyone participating.

Another perk of competing in the Corporate Cup is the networking opportunities itself. If some of the best partnerships are established over a round of golf, there’s no reason why it can’t happen over a soccer match.

One thing is certain, the Corporate Cup will be competitive. By having tournament at Randall’s Island, many of the competitors will enjoy the city view as well the nature of the area. With the stress that goes with their occupation, the rewards of winning could be beneficial. Not just for the winning company but for the several non-for-profits.

Many New York companies will be playing for charity that Saturday. Because of this, the company will donate a part of its proceeds to KIVA – an organization supporting entrepreneurs in third world and Jazzy Sun Birthdays – a not-for-profit organization determined to ‘Put smiles on the faces of homeless children by celebrating their birthdays.

“Soccer as a team sport brings up the team spirit in everybody. We want this feeling of community and partnership extend beyond a soccer field,” said  Niall Swan, the founder and CEO of the Soccer Resort.

If you’re interested in competing or in need of a team-building activity which revolves around soccer, then contacting Soccer Resort may be the option you’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in having a team-building activity locally or another state, a day or few days of soccer would be a fun and healthy way to relax and connect among each other.

Applications for the 2012 registration are being accepted until July 23rd and interested teams should contact Niall Swan at [email protected] or call (718) 433-2452. For sponsorship packages please contact Martina Kompanova at [email protected] or call (646) 688-3370.



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