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2013 NBA Draft, Brooklyn Style


Barclays Center, Brooklyn- To help celebrate the first year of basketball in Brooklyn, the NBA took the fan favorite event, the NBA Draft and set up shop on the ground floor of the Barclays Center.

The following pictures by photojournalist Oren Vourman are just a taste from the sights of one of the marquee events from the sporting world in 2013.

top ten

The top ten picks surprised many experts, especially number one overall selection Anthony Bennett. Originally considered an 8-20th first round choice, Bennett wound up going No.1 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, becoming the first Canadian to ever go No.1 in NBA history since the draft began back in 1985.

estern conference basketballs

Say goodbye to the New Orleans Hornets and hello to the New Orleans Pelicans, whose new logo was showcased on the basketball in the bottom row, far left.

boston draft pick

In one of the more comical moments of the draft, Boston Celtics first round draft pick Lucas Nogueira of Brazil [taken at the No. 16 spot] had trouble keeping his draft day cap on his afro, causing him to walk gingerly to the podium lest it fall down on national T.V.


The crowd at the draft was diverse as always, as fans of every team, were proud to represent their team colors.

atl draft pick

Atlanta draft pick Shane Larkin [son of former MLB star Barry Larkin], the first of two back-to-back picks by the Hawks at No.18, was one of the snazziest dressed prospects as he pulled off the bowtie to perfection.

cavs sign

The Cavaliers had themselves a big day, choosing Bennett, the power forward out of UNLV with their first pick, and then Sergey Karasev from Russia at No. 19, seen below.

cavs 2nd pick

Sergey Karasev celebrates upon being taken by the Cavaliers at no.19 in the first round.

Nets' fans one

Two Brooklyn fans wait in anxious anticipation of the Nets’ first round draft pick right before its announcement by NBA commissioner David Stern.

Pumlee Nets

Meet Mason Plumlee of Duke University, seen here addressing the New York media. Plumlee, taken with the 22nd pick, was the only selection made by the Nets in 2013.

NBA Big sign

In all, the NBA 2013 NBA draft featured 60 picks, with 20 of them being international players. Of those 20, two were Canadian, three were French, two hailed from Montenegro, and one of them- Arsalan Kazemi, was the first ever Iranian to be drafted, taken by the Washington Wizards [ and later traded to the Philadelphia 76ers] in the second round at No. 54.

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