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They Did It, 21 Consecutive Games!


Bronx, NY – When we get to September there are many baseball games that are exciting to watch since the top teams are now narrowing down for those few post season playoff spots. Only one team, the Nationals are guaranteed a post-season position.   Dodgers, Rockies, Astros, Twins, Yankees, Red Sox and a few others are still playing their hearts out as they are in a race for one of those lucrative positions in post season play.

However, the Cleveland Indians are playing some of the most exciting games in baseball and it’s not just for a playoff spot, but also for a place in baseball history.

The Indians won their 21 consecutive game yesterday beating the Detroit Tigers 5 – 3 in another exciting game that started with Detroit scoring in the top of the first inning and leading 1 -0. However, as we have seen in so may of the other games that they have won, they came right back with a 3 run homerun by Jay Bruce and once again, the Indians did not give up the lead to once again win and place themselves in baseball history by tying the Chicago Cubs 1935 season record of 31 games.

Interesting data courtesy of ESPN Senior Writer, David Schoenfield:

MVP during the streak: This is a tough one. José Ramirez has hit .388 and slugged .910 thanks to eight home runs and nine doubles and has 16 RBIs. Francisco Lindor has hit .370 with nine home runs and 19 RBIs. Neither has made an error, and Ramirez’s ability to slide over from third base to second base with Jason Kipnis out has been vital.

Cy Young during the streak: Mike Clevinger hadn’t allowed a run in his three previous starts before giving up three on Wednesday. Carlos Carrasco is 3-0 in four starts with a 0.62 ERA, two runs allowed and a 34-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Corey Kluber is 4-0 in four starts with a 1.41 ERA and a shutout in Game 20. Flip a coin, my friends, but I’ll go with Kluber, since he’s pitched three more innings than Carrasco and that shutout on Tuesday helped save the bullpen for Wednesday’s record-setting win.

Unsung hero: The bullpen has been great, but it has been great all season, leading the AL in ERA. How about Ryan Merritt? Remember when he was pressed into service last October against the Blue Jays in the ALCS and delivered a clutch performance? He has made two starts during the streak and allowed just one run in 12 innings.

Biggest overachiever: Perez has played 12 games in the streak and is hitting .378/.439/.811 with four home runs and 13 RBIs. He had two home runs and 22 RBIs in 50 games before the winning streak started.

Best quote: “I went from being in one of the least fun situations in baseball to the most fun.” — Jay Bruce (via @jareddiamond), who was acquired from the Mets on Aug. 9.





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