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21 DAYS OF CLEMENTE [Information]


The 21 Days of Clemente is an exhibit showcasing the global legacy of the great Roberto Clemente. DECEMBER 11 – 31, 20017

All students grades 1st through 12th in the borough of the Bronx are invited to participate with submissions of Art, Poetry, Essay, or Composition depicting features of the life of Roberto Clemente, the player, the humanitarian, or the person. The work should not be a homework, or class assignment. We prefer that the students are told of the 21 days of Clemente, and asked if they want to volunteer to participate in the 21 Days of Roberto Clemente event.

The program is also open to community organizations and youth programs as well.

Every students piece submitted on Roberto Clemente will be displayed at Roberto Clemente State Park for the 21 days of Clemente (December 11th – 31st) to reflect the work, mission & generosity of the great Roberto Clemente. Every student who participates will receive something for participating. However, we do not want to announce what they will receive as we want the students to be rewarded for volunteering as opposed to doing something to get a prize. This will engender students to act for self-worth rather than for a reward, which is what Clemente was doing through his career.

We encourage teachers to have a class on Roberto Clemente and then ask if any student would like to submit a piece on Roberto Clemente. We in Latino Sports are available to any teacher who might require assistance with materials on Clemente. We are also available to visit the school and speak on Roberto Clemente. If you require further information, contact Roberto Clemente State Park (contact information is provided below).

Please feel free to share this informations with parents, teachers and any individuals involved with students.

*All submissions need to be in by Wednesday, December 6, 2017.


December 21st, 2017 11AM

Roberto Clemente State Park

Contact information:

Frances Rodriguez / Park Director

New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

Roberto Clemente State Park: 301 West Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453

P 718-299-8750. F 718-901-7226.

[email protected] / www.NYSPARKS.COM

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