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Has Bernie Williams Been Forgotten?


Bronx, NY – In the middle of all the hoopla around Derek Jeter’s last season, one writer wonders why Bernie Williams is always left out, or has he been forgotten. When they mention the “core” Yankee players, they always mention: Derek (the last to retire), Any Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.

All except for Pettitte (who played with the Houston Astros to then return to the Yankees, they all played their whole career with that one Yankee uniform. This one writer believes that Bernie Williams is forgotten. What do you think?

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  • Sandy Rivera

    I was wondering what happened to Bernie Williams, them seem to of forgot him, Not me!

  • wgerenarochet

    I certainly have wonder about this for a while. The Yankees have gone to the World Series 7 times since 1996. Of those Bernie was part of 4 Championships. ’96,’98,’99 and 2000. He was a Yankee for 16 years and played for no other team: a rare happening in today’s follow the money trail (what do you know, ask Cano).His last year was in 2006 and he was, as Joe Torre noted in his book “The Yankee Years,” good for another season. He was unceremoniously let go, but if there is such a thing as adding insult to injury, then the fact he is not considered a core player to make it The Core 5, this is certainly just that.