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A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends


While New York and the rest of the football world was preparing this morning and early afternoon for Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, some diehard Bronxites and friends were preparing for the 30th Annual Ben-Gay Bowl (formally Father & Son Game).

For the past 30 years friends and family have seen each others sons and daughters grow if at least for one day a year, on Super Bowl day. That’s how this father & son/daughter game has become the loving bonding event that it is. Generations of friends and families coming together even if for one day to chill over a game.

This is when you can say, “when a game is more than a game.” Coming together with rules that are family friendly where anybody can play.  Age, gender, or size does not matter when they have come together to play a friendly (sometimes physical) game of two-hand touch.

A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends

Julio quaterbacking, Hector extreme left looking. (Photo by: Varinia Torres)

On that note a record was set this year, no one was injured. No elbow, knee, or leg injuries this year. Injuries are taken in stride in this game, thereby the name: The Ben Gay Bowl. We also know that playing in any park especially in conditions that are sometimes terrible like low temperatures, snow, ice, mud, or puddles makes you prone to falling. However, most of us being working class Latino New Yorkers have also learned to maneuver crowds and hazardous conditions and some are good salseros.

This year, Hector Soto’s team beat Julio Pabón’ team by a score of 9 to 5. The first half of the game was a very low scoring game due to great defense of both teams. Julio’s team scored the first touchdown after each team had a least four possessions with no scoring.  Hector’s team tied late in the first quarter making the score one touchdown a piece until the last few seconds before half time when Hector’s team went ahead 5-3.

A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends

Full court players on a great day for football. (Photo  Varinia Torres)

After a five-minute half time break, allowing the advanced age players to catch their breath and take a bathroom break. Also a good time to admire this Ferry Point park in the middle of now where at the foot of the Whitestone Bridge. that has incredible waterfront views. The game resumed with great plays on both sides, but Hector’s team triumphed with a final score of 9 to 5.

A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends

This year’s game had a record crowd. All females meaning the kids are now grown family men, (photo Varinia Torres)


This years MVP for the second consecutive year went to, Roberto Soto. However, there are serious allegations of Roberto being on steroids since he never played like this before. There is also a controversial video floating of him doing a strange dance once he heard he was selected MVP.

A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends

Carlos introducing his daughter to this 30 year tradition. (Photo Varinia Torres)

Hector won the Cheating Award for twice getting over on a controversy-picking players he forced on Julio’s team.

Hector, Domingo and Julio all won praise for being over 60 and still making impressive catches to continue to dazzle the young ones.

Julio had a great run as interim quarterback when he ran a drive of five consecutive passes leading to his teams 3rd touchdown. However, his next two-quarterback attempts ended in interceptions and that was the end of his highlight.

A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends

Surprise BD cake for Adrian. (Photo by Julio)

Congrats to Carlos Quintana for bringing his young daughter to the game and starting the 3rd generation exposure.

The most Consistent Player Award went to Junior for being his usual mean aggressive self.

This year’s game brought the largest crowd in attendance, all females meaning that the younger generation players are now married, getting married, or in some serious relationships. Congrats to all of them. The Ben Gay Bowl game can not be complete without the after game asopao at Hector’s house. Gladys you killed it, best after game medication before the Ben Gay.

Que Viva La Familia!

A Different Super Bowl: A Yearly Highlight For Families & Friends

The delicious asopao is the best finishing feature of the game. (Photo Julio)

About Julio Pabón

Julio is President and Founder of Latino Sports LLC., the parent company of Latinosports.com. Julio is a product of the South Bronx where he still lives and runs his businesses. Julio has written and has been interviewed for numerous publication and networks on sports & political issues. He has been an activist promoting social justice and respect for all communities. He is a recognized motivational speaker, was an adjunct professor of American History and presently volunteer's as a lecturer in local South Bronx High Schools. His primary goal is to make Latinosports.com a multi-facet sports portal that will engender social and economic empowerment to the Latino community.

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    Good Stuff!

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    Missed another receiver like you and I might have one that game. Working on the video.

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    Look out for the video, coming soon.

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    Had a great time. Preparing for next year..LOL