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Carroll’s Cuisine: 2018 Fall TV Preview


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New York, NY – In an ever-changing world, the fall has always been the time when school begins, the weather cools off, and the various television networks debut new programming. Here is a look to see what the television industry has in store for us.

CBS: CBS executives faced a barrage of tough questions and criticism over their perceived lack of diversity in their shows at last year’s Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills. That must now seem like the good old days in light of the charges of sexual harassment allegations that were leveled against the company’s CEO Leslie Moonves last month.

No one is sure of what Moonves’ s future will be but the Tiffany Network has certainly improved in the area of reflecting today’s population in its prime time schedule.

Brandon Micheal Hall, who I predicted would be the breakout star of 2017 when he starred in ABC’s “The Mayor,” will get a second shot as he stars as agnostic cynic who is bitter about losing his mom to cancer in “God Friended Me.” The show touches on the same themes as “Touched By An Angel” and the 2000 Kevin Spacey film, “Pay It Forward.” A mysterious force sends him to interact and save the lives of random strangers who become part of his circle, of you guessed it, friends.

Cedric The Entertainer stars in “The Neighborhood,” which looks at the gentrification of a South Central LA neighborhood. Like a lot of baby boomers, Cedric grew up idolizing those great ‘70s Norman Lear sitcoms and freely admits that his character here draws from iconic Lear creations as Archie Bunker and George Jefferson.

There have been countless shows about doctors and lawyers but very few where the lead character is an accountant. Damon Wayans, Jr. plays an entertainment industry CPA whose rock star client, a Harry Styles lookalike (Felix Mallard), moves in with him and his wife because he needs to be around normal people.

Both “The Neighborhood” and “Happy Together” have engaging casts but it’s questionable as to whether there is enough substance to keep an audience once the initial premises have been exhausted.
CBS’s safest bet for fall hit lies in reboots.

Jay Hernandez takes over the title role that made Tom Selleck an ‘80s cultural icon in the relaunch of “Magnum PI.” CBS programmers and actress Candice Bergen both noticed the huge success NBC had last year bringing back “Will & Grace.”

The election of Donald Trump helped spur that cast to reunite and that is the case with “Murphy Brown,” a fictitious network news show that was attacked by then Vice President Dan Quayle for allegedly thumbing its nose at family values. One change is that the new “Murphy Brown” will be taping at the Kaufman Studios in Astoria where the original was shot on a CBS soundstage in Los Angeles.

It wouldn’t be a new TV season without CBS introducing a procedural and this year’s is “FBI” (not to be confused with the old Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. ABC series). “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf serves as executive producer and Missy Peregrym and Jeremy Sisto star. The show also will make its home in Kaufman Studios. Expect a lot of filming to be done on Queens streets.

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