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After The Ballgame, Night Out In My City [Photos]



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New York, NY – Prior to Saturday’s Yankees 3-2 win over the Oakland Athletics, I was informed of the passing of well-known Latino journalist Henry Barrous. While the cause of Henry’s death is currently unknown, we know he passed away in the Dominican Republic.

While the sport of baseball remains forever young, it’s the rest of us who age. Every season that passes, I’m always curious to see who’s returning and who’s new to the press box. In my case, I had spent over five years covering soccer before I inherited Howard Goldin’s chair who passed away last July. As egotistical and isolated many of us in the press box are or to play it safe in today’s politically correct world, some of us are, we’re actually closer than we’ll admit. So when one of us our brothers passes away, we feel it.

Whether we like it or not, our time will one day expire. If and when that happens, how will we be remembered? Who did we inspire? Who did we piss off? Did we leave our affairs all in order? Who knows? From all of us here at Latino Sports, it an honoring knowing Henry Barrous. May he rest in peace and in one way or another, he’ll always be around.

Following the Yankees game and my postgame work, I took off to the city. One of the perks of game days is that there’s always something to do after a ballgame. In my case, wandering around my city always relaxes me. More importantly, it reminds me that the action isn’t always in the field. The action and adventure is always out in the streets awaiting to welcome us with open arms. While I’m here at Yankee Stadium covering today’s final Yankees vs. Athletics game, here’s some photos from last night…

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