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The Amazing Kreskin Believes He Can Help Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey [Interview]



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You’ve been a Mentalist for six decades…at what age did you realize this was your calling?

As far as my work in my career as a Mentalist and thought reading, it was an image and a conviction that I had when I was 5 years old, and started to come to serious fruition when I was 9 years old, so it’s been a life long voyage.

As far as my work is concerned, I’ve always kept myself at a high pace.  I do run approximately 20 to 30 mins every night, as I think jogging keeps me physically, as well as mentally in shape. I have a habit which is not clearly understood these days of jogging without headphones, without music etc.

We all need time to stop and reflect and my opportunity to do this is when I am running by myself.  It gives me a chance to listen to my inner thoughts and enables me to reflect upon the issues and the experiences of the day.

Whether a person is in sports, or a business person, one of the keys to life is being able to use one’s intuition, and we need to set time aside in our lives to do such.

Yours truly is not an athlete although in Jr. High School, I was considered for at least one season, first or second fastest runner in the entire class of student for that age, but that was not a competitive experience, it’s just that I’ve always enjoyed running.

It is interesting, in spite of my not being a sports aficionado, how sports has influenced and touch my life.  My father was a semi-pro baseball player, my brother loved sports in school and don’t you know after I took over the Aflac commercials for a couple of seasons, a few years ago, whose place was I taking but Yogi Berra, who had been the spokesperson for the Aflac people for a number of years.  It was an experience to sit next to this quiet gentleman, knowing that yours truly would take on the commercial, which became one of the top rated commercials that season.

I can remember as well appearing in the mid-west and going to a Yankee game, when the sports people knew I was attending and asked if I would come into the press box and join them.  They kept kidding me and said Kreskin, tell us how the game is going to end, that way we can go home early, but they were kidding, and don’t you know the gentleman who was broadcasting the game, who had taken the great Mel Allen’s place, as announcer, asked me to come in on the air with him and broadcast the rest of the game.

So it was a joy broadcasting and covering a Yankee’s game with Phil Rizzuto, although when I returned to NY, it was interesting how many people said to me, Kreskin we heard you covering last Sunday’s Yankee game, we didn’t realize how little you knew about sports.

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