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Catching Up With Our Crew During Derek Jeter’s Final Game At Yankee Stadium


Bronx, NY – Thursday, September 25, 2014 will be a date many of us will enjoy reminiscing to our friends and family about. It was a date where we witnessed the greatest Yankee of our generation play his final home game at Yankee Stadium.

From the first to the final inning, it was Derek Jeter’s final game heroics which led the Yankees to a triumphant 6-5 over the American East leading Baltimore Orioles. His game-winning single will be replayed for many years to come.

While Jeter will always be the main focus of Thursday, September 25, 2014, the 48,613 spectators in attendance, media members of an overflowed press box, Yankees employees and baseball fans worldwide now have a personal memory of one of the most historical moments in Yankee History.

Where we were, what we wore, who were with and how we felt is now tattooed in our hearts and memories for the rest of our lives. When it’s said and done, Derek Jeter’s final game at Yankee Stadium is the greatest Yankees game many of us will have ever witnessed.

For me personally, Derek Jeter’s final home game will be the night when I was able to catch up with our guys. While I have always appreciated the dedication and quality of work our writers and photographers continue to put forth year after year, Thursday’s night game made it even more special. Along with their work, I’ve always made it a point to get to know each individual as a person.

Honestly speaking, I believe this was a trying year for all of us. While the work was consistently done, the changes within our personal lives was challenging. From personal losses to physical injuries to the crossroads in our careers, 2014 was the year where I believe our relationship as a unit strengthened.

After years of working together, I’m familiar of everyone’s working style and approach to their coverage. So rather than talk about sports and who was going to do what, we opened up about our personal lives and addressed the sad and frustrations we were experiencing at the moment.

Regardless of the challenges we faced individually, the work as a whole was never affected. When one of us needed time off, someone stepped in and filled the role. So when I saw majority of crew on Thursday, we followed up on each other while watching the game.

What I found truly special about our interaction is how we were sincerely happy to see each other. Like many of us worldwide, we’re still dealing with the challenges within our personal lives. But on Thursday, September 25, 2014, we witnessed an amazing night where a Yankee Legend played his final home game while knowing that despite our differences, we’re there for each other.

With that said, I want to thank our team for their amazing baseball coverage. I know this was a difficult year for many of us and it’s more the reason why I have a deeper appreciation for all of you.


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