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An Apology To Adrian Beltre


Bronx, NY – On behalf of all of the Latino media that covers baseball games in New York City, I want to apologize to Texas Rangers infielder, Adrian Beltre and here’s why?

Adrian and his Texas Rangers came to New York City to play the Mets in their interleague game on August 8th and 9th, approximately one week after hitting his historic 3,000th hit on July 30th (the same day of the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies). Adrian became the 31st member of the elite 3,000 hit club with a double (Interesting to mention that Roberto Clemente also hit his 3,000 hit with a double as well).

The fact that Dominican born, Beltre reached 3,000 hits is no easy task. It has taken him 20 seasons and most of the other players in the club also reached this milestone towards the end of their baseball careers. Clemente’s last baseball hit was that famous 3,000th hit, he probably would have played a few more years if not for that horrific plane crash that took his life.

Of the 31 members of the 3,000 hit club five are Latinos. They are: Roberto Clemente (1972), Rod Carew (1985), Rafael Palmeiro (2005), Alex Rodríguez (2015) and now Adrian Beltre (2017).

Knowing the history of what it takes to get to this milestone, it was surprising and a shame to New York’s baseball Latino community that we did not organize a special event to honor Adrian, as such, we owe him an apology.

Dominican Sports photographer, Hector Algarroba filled the absence of any recognition in NYC by presenting Beltre with the Dominican flag. (Photo: KeezCam)

Dominican Sports photographer, Hector Algarroba filled the absence of any recognition in NYC by presenting Beltre with the Dominican flag. (Photo: KeezCam)

Latino Sports was founded when we honored Ruben Sierra for being “overlooked” by the BWAA for the American League MVP award in 1989. Since then we have been not just reporting about our Latino athletes, but also recognizing them, when and if the situation arises.

We would have organized an event for him if not for the fact that we were just recouping from the Hall Of Fame day trip that we had organized and were still recouping from.

We also falsely believed that our Dominican colleagues would be organizing something for him as they tend to focus on mainly Dominican players.

We learned our lesson and will never again allow another Latino player to reach a milestone and not be recognized while visiting New York.

Adrian Beltre, we’re sorry and we owe you…

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Julio is President and Founder of Latino Sports LLC., the parent company of Julio is a product of the South Bronx where he still lives and runs his businesses. Julio has written and has been interviewed for numerous publication and networks on sports & political issues. He has been an activist promoting social justice and respect for all communities. He is a recognized motivational speaker, was an adjunct professor of American History and presently volunteer's as a lecturer in local South Bronx High Schools. His primary goal is to make a multi-facet sports portal that will engender social and economic empowerment to the Latino community.

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