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Audible Original: Gamebreaker with Keith Olbermann



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New York, NY – Games will be played. One team wins, another team loses. One player was clutch, another player choked. For me, it’s not the results that define sports. It’s the motivation and humanity behind any athletes that truly tell the tale or in the case of Audible’s original series… tales. If you’re bored with today’s sports coverage… listen.

On March 9, Audible released GAMEBREAKER WITH KEITH OLBERMANN, an Audible Original series that brings listeners inside the experience of athletes who can teach us lessons far beyond sports. For someone who is on-the-go and lives in the world of sports, this Audible Original series is the best podcast I’ve heard in over a year.

As stated by Audible: From the runner who rewired her brain’s reaction to pain to the Olympic swimmer whose refusal of rules revolutionized the sport to one man with a tattoo and a burning sense of what is right who took back his beloved sport of cycling, the series looks at the personal sacrifice and societal pressures that impact athletes and challenge the way we think about sports.

The stories are powerful and it’ll definitely change the way you view sports and the impact it had on the individuals involved in each episode. So how does one listen/download an episode? In order for me to listen to it for free, I signed up with’s 30-Day Free Trail, selected my free audiobook, and download each episode free of charge.

Easy to download, easy to listen anywhere, be a gamebreaker… thank you. 

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