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Australian Casey Stoner Wins The Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix 2012 At Laguna Seca


Stoner at beginning (Photo Robert Hsu/Latino Sports)

MotoGP Champions Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo battle for the 2012 Title

                             Staging “The Grandest Rivalry of All Time

Laguna Seca, CA.- Casey Stoner of the Repsol Honda Team, notched his fourth victory in the 10th round of the MotoGP Tour, motorcycle racing’s most prestigious events at The Mazda Raceway in Monterey. Stoner is 26 and has secured two World Champion Titles, the first in 2007 and then again in 2011, standing fourth in the overall world rankings beside legends Valentino Rossi, Giacomo Agostini and Mick Doohan.

Pedrosa Inspecting bike (Photo Robert Hsu)

The 2012 MotoGP Tour featuring 18 events is focusing on three riders-Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo, 2010 World Title Holder, Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa. Each has won five, four and one round respectively in the tour and they have collectively reached the podium twenty-five times, more than any other trio in the history of motorcycle grand prix racing.

Currently, Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Stoner stand with 205, 182 and 173 points, a narrow margin for any MotoGP Tour.

Under a canopy of sun and blue, 50,000 spectators climbed the hills of Laguna Seca and descended to Andretti’s Hairpin, The Corkscrew, Rainey’s Curve and The Rahal Straight to cheer on the rivals for this fabulous 10th round motorcycle performance. Twenty-one MotoGP riders and their teams would give it their all, including Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden of the Ducati Team.

Lorenzo explaining race (Photo Robert Hsu)

Starting on the first of seven grids was Jorge Lorenzo with the best pole of 1’20.554. Stoner was second with a time of 1’20.628 and Pedrosa was third, clocking a pole of 1’20.906 and on the 5th lap of the race he set a new record lap time of 1’21.229.

Lorenzo, Stoner and Pedrosa dominated the track for every turn and corner of the 32 lap race, leading in this order for the first 21 laps when Stoner overtook Lorenzo never relinquishing the lead for the last 10 laps. Lorenzo’s Yamaha lost the pace and Pedrosa employed caution, satisfied with the third place win. Casey Stoner rode a victory lap and cruised to victory lane finishing the race in a time of 43’45.981, averaging 98.415 miles per hour. Lorenzo and Pedrosa’s time were 3.429 and 7.633 down from the winner.

Lorenzo leads (Photo Robert Hsu)

It was a remarkable three man race as the trio crossed the checkered flag seventeen seconds ahead of the fourth winner, Andrea Dovizsioso and lapping the last four of the competitors. The Satellite and Claiming Rules Team proved to be no competition for the Repsol Honda and Yamaha Factory Racing. Five riders crashed out including Valentino Rossi of Ducati and Ben Spies of Yamaha. Just fifteen of the twenty one would cross the checkered flag.

At the post race conference, Stoner, Lorenzo and Pedrosa expressed their views.

Casey Stoner:”We gambled on the soft rear tire, but I followed my lines and was able to overtake Jorge in the same spot as last year… Laguna is a good track with nice cures… The current rivalry takes us to a very high level. We are good competitors and push ourselves to the front. I’m proud to be a part of the series and one day I’ll look back and remember the great rivalry that started many years ago… It been quite impressive so far.”

Honda get’s fine tuned (Photo Robert Hsu)

Jorge Lorenzo: “The rear tire selection was not working out. I didn’t have the grip or the power and when the tires wore out it was hard to keep up with Casey after he overtook me. …He was racing consistently and we didn’t want to risk a crash… We are still young riders with strong motivation…. Our bikes are sensitive and powerful…. It’s difficult for the other riders to keep up with us.”

Rossi before race (Photo Robert Hsu)

Pedrosa: ”I’m not disappointed to come in third place. I nearly crashed trying to catch Casey…I’m looking forward to Indianapolis.”

Round 11 of the MotoGP tour heads to Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 18, Sunday

RESULTS: 1.) Casey Stoner (AUS) 43’45.961, 2.) Jorge Lorenzo (SPA) 3.429, 3.) Dani Pedrosa (SPA) 7.633, Andrea Dovizsioso (ITA) 18.602, 5.) Cal Crutchlow (GBR),

6.) Nicky Hayden (USA) 26.902, 7.)  Stefan Bradl (GER) 28.393, 8.) Alvaro Bauptista

(SPA) 50.246, 9.) Alex Esparagaro (SPA) 1’118.993, 10.) Karel Abraham (CZE)

1’22.076, 11.) Randy DePuniet(FRA) 1 LAP, 12.) Yonny Hernandez (COL) 1 LAP

13.) Colin Edwards(USA) 1 LAP, 14.) Ivan Silva (SPA) 1 LAP

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