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Bani Bands: The Headband for Sports & Beyond



Flushing, NY – Sunday afternoon at Citi Field and the New York Mets continue to create ways to hand the Los Angeles Dodgers another victory. Now in the seventh inning, Los Angeles leads New York by a score of 5-4.

With a 31-43 record, there’s not much so much to say about the Amazins. If their goal is to be best team in the majors who lead the league in blown leads, then mission accomplished. Truth be told, regardless of how the Mets are playing, the sport of baseball is still entertaining to watch. One day you’re a child going to the game with your parents, the next day you’re at a game with your college buds. Before you know it, you’re sitting in the Press Box wondering what gift to send to your teenage ultra-athletic niece. Update, Mets fall 8-7 to Dodgers in 11 innings.

While the Mets continue to struggle with their season, thanks to Bani Bands Headbands, I’m in good grace with my teenage ultra-athletic niece. If she’s not playing softball, she’s playing basketball, or in the weight room staying in shape which concludes with a jog.

Not only does she wear her headband for the gym, she reported that she’ll also wear them when she’s hanging out with her friends. As a bonus, they’re easy to wash and care for. The best part of the Bani Bands is their different models they have. If you’re in my position and you have a niece that follows Major League Baseball, then you’re in luck because Bani Bands have an MLB collection.

In my case, I also have a teenage ultra-athletic nephew. While I don’t fear him, I fear my sister’s wrath. In order to avoid any verbal beatdowns over the phone of why I didn’t send him a headband, I sent him a Bani Bands multifunction gaiter headband. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, my nephew can also wear his headband anytime of the year.

Only question remains, what do I get for Sis?


Do headbands slide out of your hair even on the easiest of workouts?  Do headbands give you headache after wearing for a short time?  Do you get hot wearing headbands while working out?

Bani Bands Headbands was born of necessity to solve all of these problems. After years of seeing super cute headbands that I could NEVER wear because they either slipped out of my hair or they were too tight and gave me a headache, my sister Bonnie started sewing custom headbands that were big enough for me! We added an adjustable strap, our unique “Soft-Grip” velvet backing and the hottest trend top ribbons and created the best headband available on the market today.  The original Bani Band was born in 2008!

Since then we have designed and made other types of headbands to meet consumer demand.  Our latest line of sweatbands is made with patented Coolcore fabrics to keep you cool while working out.  These babies cool down up to 30% below your body temperature when wet! 

With function as our first priority, our headbands are the preferred brand no matter what your sport. We have 100’s of styles to choose from and we also offer Team pricing, Fundraising opportunities, and Wholesale pricing to qualified retail outlets.

Thanks for choosing Bani Bands and supporting a Veteran-Owned business!

Bani Bands are simply the best headband for working out, hanging out, playing hard, and looking good!

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