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Baseball Championship Series Is Fun For Young Astros & Yankee Players


Bronx, NY: Watching the players of both the Yankees and Astros prior to yesterday’s game three was fun and one thing was evident, these young players are having the time of their lives.

Before the beginning of game three yesterday, if you looked at all the players on the field during batting practice you could sense the excitement of many of the young players from both teams that looked liked they were having a great time. It was difficult to sense any anxiety, or stress of a game three championship series. It they were indeed tensed, it was not evident.

The music being pumped by the Yankee stadium crew was music that had many of the players from both teams either moving, dancing to the beat while they warmed up preparing for this important game three.

Music relaxes and it was evident that the music being played was for the younger millennial’s rather than the older veterans, music that many of them would listen to in their cars, home and clubs. If you close you eyes and just listen to the music you would also think you were in a New York club.

When players are relaxed, they warm up better and they relate to each other no matter what uniform they are wearing.

It was interesting seeing Yankee and Astros players hugging, and just chilling with each other prior to the game. A great change from the old conservative days when you would rarely see a player from a team cross home plate and go anywhere near the dugout of the opposing team. A player from opposing teams hugging and chilling was not the norm back then.

These young players are slowly helping to change the game of baseball and that is something that baseball needs if it wants to continue to be America’s pastime.


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