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Baseball Spring Training Here – Baseball Finals In Cuba


Bronx, New York – This weekend we celebrated the mid-point NBA All Star Game in Orlando, Florida (see article on this site). This weekend also started the beginning of Spring Training for major league baseball. Many of you like me probably don’t mind switching from one sport to the other, especially when we are following a particular team, or player. Somos Deportistas, we love sports!


For you baseball lovers I thought of mentionaing that Cuban baseball is hot and strong as always. The 2011-12 Cuban baseball season is now in the finals. At one point in our early beginning of we had a section on Cuban Baseball and followed the game quite closely. Unfortunately, many of our contacts in Cuba moved on and we eventually lost contact with our sources. Starting now in 2012 we will begin to explore ways of bringing back some of that Caribbean sports flava to our site. Cuban sports though not covered much here is quite popular in and out of Cuba since the Cubans are known for being quite competitive as we have seen in thier participation in world sports competition, Pan American and Olympic games.

In the meantime the following was the standings of the Cuban baseball teams as of February 26, 2012. Enjoy.

1 Matanzas 34 24 .586
1 Industriales 34 25 .576 0.5
1 Cienfuegos 31 26 .544 2.5
1 Sancti Spíritus 28 31 .475 6.5
1 Pinar del Río 28 32 .467 7.0
1 Metropolitanos 26 30 .464 7.0
1 Artemisa 22 36 .379 12.0
1 Isla de la Juv. 19 37 .339 14.0
1 Mayabeque 19 40 .322 15.5
1 Villa Clara 37 21 .638
Las Tunas 37 21 .638
1 Sgo de Cuba 33 24 .579 3.5
1 Ciego de A. 33 24 .579 3.5
1 Guantánamo 31 28 .525 6.5
1 Granma 29 30 .492 8.5
1 Holguín 29 30 .492 8.5
1 Camagüey 24 35 .407 13.5


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