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Beyond Barriers with Nikki Barua [Interview]



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Flushing, NY – There’s the life we want and there’s the life we live. Regardless of what’s handed to us, that’s life. In the case of the New York Mets, it appears their nine-game winning streak may come to an end tonight.

Playing the second game of their three-game series against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Amazins’ are losing 4-0 in the sixth inning. Regardless of the outcome, following the game, Mets fans will be treated to a fireworks show. Win or lose, Citi Field will be loud…

As the Mets are struggling to find their flow tonight, I’m going to post my interview with Nikki Barua. She is the author of Beyond Barriers: How to Unlock Your LIMITILESS POTENTIAL.

Wait a second, the Amazins’ just scored their first run of the game. Thanks to Michael Conforto crossing home plate, the Amazin’s have reduced their four-run deficit to a score of 4-1 Brewers advantage. With two outs, runners in scoring position, down by three runs, and Jay Bruce on the mount, here’s a synospis of Nikki’s book…

Leveling up in life isn’t easy. Despite working harder, constantly striving, and always doing more, it can seem as if you’re trapped by fear and uncertainty, unable to make progress toward your dreams. But no matter how lost you feel, no matter how painful failure may be, breaking barriers isn’t beyond your reach. Anyone can unlock incredible potential within themselves. And Nikki Barua can show you how.

After overcoming her own heartbreaking challenges, Nikki found her purpose and passion in helping others turn their dreams into reality. In Beyond Barriers, she presents an actionable guide to fully embracing your capacity to excel.

In three simple steps—finding clarity, harnessing courage, and sustaining conviction—you’ll learn how to think big, be bold, and take action.

Inning over, Mets trail Brewers, and here’s my interview with Nikki…

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