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World Baseball Classic 2017

BIG Game for Puerto Rico – An Island Watches


Los Angeles: Tonight just about every town in Puerto Rico has set up giant screens to watch the Netherlands Vs. Puerto Rico Game in the World Baseball Classic (our version of the World Soccer Cup). Just as the new hair trend in Puerto Rico is a blond streak following the PR Team that have all dyed their hair as a symbol of unity and good luck.

Though many in the USA have shown very little interest in these games, in countries like Puerto Rico these games have touched the soul of nations.

Puerto Rico is really enjoying these games and that’s good, because the island needs a distraction and a stress reliever from the economic crisis affecting the island nation. Here in the states I’ve been impressed with the number of Boricuas that have come out for these games and following them on social media.

So tonight once again, many PR’s will shut out of everything because all eyes will be on this critical game that can once again place Puerto Rico in the finals to win the 2017 WBC and give an island some hope and energy to organize and take on the issues in unity. A Puerto Rico championship in these games will also give a much needed boost of pride and confidence to the 5.5 million in the Diaspora that also need to unite beyond a baseball game to address the crisis in the island, but also the growing crisis for respect in our own communities here in the good old USA

After a day off, the tournament resumes tonight with Puerto Rico taking on the Dutch at 9 p.m. ET at Dodger Stadium on MLB Network and MLB.TV.



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  • Blanca

    Well said Mr. Pabòn love reading your articles. And I know that Puerto Rico will win. We need this so much like you said we need a distraction much-needed. Many blessings to those wonderful young man that are trying so hard to win these world classic games.