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Big Papi Needs a Job: Sommelier/Salsa Dancer



Bronx, NY – In an effort to snap their two-game losing streak, the New York Yankees are currently tied 4-4 with the Tampa Bay Rays. After leading 4-1 througout the game, the Yanks lead fizzled as the Rays rocked RHP Tommy Kahnle in the top of the sixth inning as they rallied to produce three runs in order to level the game.

With that said, here’s a synopsis of Wednesday night’s upcoming finale that will air on FUSION at 8:00pm ET/PT:

David “Big Papi” Ortiz gets his drink on in an attempt to find new work. A great lover of wine, he tests if his palate is sensitive enough to become a sommelier. Learning the differences between varietals and being trained to tell a cabernet sauvignon from a merlot is only the beginning, though.

He must then work with a kitchen and figure out which wines to serve with which food. For his next job, Papi lets his feet do the work, hitting the dance floor to become a salsa dancer. Although he has a great sense of rhythm, dancing is harder than it seems. Will he become a dance machine – or trip over his own feet?

About the Series

“Big Papi Needs a Job” follows David “Big Papi” Ortiz, one of the most decorated and beloved players in Red Sox history, as he embarks upon the post-baseball phase of his life. The 10-part half-hour series follows the all-star as he seeks gainful employment ─ exploring a range of different professions ─ and sometimes learning not everything comes as natural to him as America’s favorite pastime.

Each episode follows “Big Papi” as he embraces a new job that piques his interest—from heading back to his old stomping grounds of Fenway Park to be a tour guide, to trying out his skills as a dog groomer, manicurist and musician.

After initial training, he’ll be thrust into line of duty, quickly learning how to sink or swim as he’s put to task. Along the way, we’ll hear from his on-the-job managers and clients to hear what they think of Big Papi’s work and, most importantly, if they think he has a future in the industry. With Ortiz’s up-for-anything attitude and all-star personality, each week “Big Papi Needs a Job” promises to be an adventure like no other.

David Ortiz has created a name for himself on the baseball field by being one of the most successful players, not only in Red Sox history, but throughout the sport of baseball. His heroics in ending the Red Sox World Series curse in 2004 and record-breaking MVP performance in the 2013 World Series have earned him legendary status as one of Boston’s greatest sports heroes on field and off.

A ten-time All-Star and three-time World Series Champion, Ortiz is recognized as one of the greatest and most popular players of this era. He holds the all-time record for most hits and home runs by a designated hitter and in 2015 became the 27th player in baseball history to join the 500 Home Run club. “Big Papi Needs a Job” is a FUSION Original Series produced in conjunction with Matador Content.


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