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Book Review: Press Box Revolution


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Press Box RevolutionNew York, NY –  Rich Coutinho is a longtime colleague and knew the inevitable was coming with this change in sports media and the inevitable loss of jobs. His newly released book, “Press Box Revolution” published by Skyhorse Publishing Inc. is an inside perspective of the past, present and future of sports reporting from a thirty-year veteran.

And with the massive layoffs of talent that ESPN imposed Wednesday morning, Coutinho was right on the money. In other words, times have changed and so has the industry with a new era of sports journalism and how it is done.

This columnist can relate to that change with the typewriter and fax machine that quickly went to the laptop and rapid increase of social media in the press box.

Yes, this is a new era of sports reporting and overall in all areas of journalism. From print to electronic media to the beginning of the story to the end, there has been a rapid change. Those let go by ESPN are aware and reading personal accounts from Coutinho provide a true and real perspective.

“Technology has evolved in a multitude of ways since the 1980’s, and I will take you through that trip that began with cassette recorders and no internet to what we have today,” says Coutinho. “Smart phones, instant messages, and multi-tasking so the fans get the inside news as quickly as possible.”

Coutinho has been there and has been a part of this adaption, as has this columnist.The reality is about a change and how we have accepted this new form of reporting up in the press box, on the field and in the locker rooms which has always been the sanctuary for the athletes.

Deadline material is now reported from a cell phone and described in brief characters on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and other outlets that cater to the fans. Years ago, as was so vividly described by Coutinho, it was a race to the press box and filing that deadline news to the editor and not relying on that instant news flash coming from social media in the press conference and locker rooms.

Yes, there has been a change and the newspaper industry is no longer. This is a new era of the internet and social media with reading becoming obsolete and more dependence on instant video and news flashes on the phone that has become the norm for those on the beat.

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