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How ‘Bout Them Cowboys? [Author Interview]



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East Rutherford, NJ – Sunday afternoon and I’m at MetLife covering the New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos game. With less than three minutes remaining in the game, the J-E-T-S lead the Broncos by a commanding 34-16 score.

With the NFL Season in full swing, there is one team I detest and that’s the Dallas Cowboys. Interesting enough, I’ve enjoyed learning about their history. I guess my hatred for them is so deep that I’ve made it a point to learn as much as I can about an enemy who tormented me in High School with their Super Bowl wins and swagger.

One book, I just finished reading is written by longtime respected NFL Journalist Gary Myers. His book is titled, “How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?: Inside the Huddle with the Stars and Legends of America’s Team.” 

If you’re a fan of the Cowboys and ever wondered about how the star on the helmet has become iconic, and how a little expansion team from North Texas has evolved into a global $5 billion brand, this is the book for you.

With the book’s release date on Tuesday, October 9, Cowboys fans and haters will have an opportunity to learn about the, “Behind-the-scenes of the Landry era, Jimmy-Jerry Era and Jerry Without Jimmy Era. Great access to Jerry, his kids, Witten, Romo, Jimmy, Parcells, Dorsett, Irvin, Walls, Moose and more.” Love them or not, they are the Dallas Cowboys and here’s my interview with Gary Myers.

About The Author: Gary Myers is a NFL columnist who has been covering the NFL since 1978. In addition to his NFL coverage, Gary  has has authored three books: The Catch (2009), a look at the iconic 1981 NFC Championship Game between the Cowboys and 49ers; Coaching Confidential (2012), which details the pressures of being an NFL head coach; and, the New York Times bestseller Brady vs. Manning (2015), an inside look at the greatest rivalry in NFL history.

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