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New York’s Summer Of ’77, Boxing At The Barclays


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New York, NY  – Showtime will a pretty good bout on Saturday night as Adrien Broner takes on Mikey Garcia in a 12-round lightweight fight at Barclays Center. There are no titles on the line but so what?

Adrien Broner is a good boxer but he is even a better standup comic. There is no other fighter, Floyd Mayweather included, whose press conferences I enjoy attending more than one where the witty Broner holds court. If he loses to Garcia, which is a real possibility, I’d love to see him leave the ring and devote full-time to the entertainment industry.

Panasonic has signed a deal with the Bronx Bombers to become the official shaver of the Yankees. It’s great exposure for Panasonic since the Yankees are legendary for frowning upon facial hair.

I’m surprised that Gillette did not beat Panasonic to the punch with the Yankees given Gillette’s long history with Major League Baseball. Baby boomers will remember that Gillette was the first sponsor of fan voting for the All-Star Game when it was reinstated for the public in 1969.

Panasonic concentrates of electric razors while Gillette has remained in the manual/disposable razor market with its popular Fusion, Mach 3 Turbo, and Sensor 3 razors which give a close shave without the facial skin irritation that comes from lesser shavers. I have to admit that when it comes to electric shavers I have always been a Philips Norelco Tripleheader enthusiast.

Summer used to be a very sleepy time for television programming. Cable network executives have taken advantage that lull in recent years to attract viewers with fresh and interesting programming and this summer is no exception.

This Sunday night (July 30) the Smithsonian Channel will be debuting “Lost Tapes: Son of Sam” to commemorate the 40 th anniversary of his capture after a year-long random killing spree in New York neighborhoods with most of his attacks occurring in Queens.

“Lost Tapes” does not use any narration but rather pieces together headlines from New York tabloids and clips from local television newscasts from 1977. New Yorkers over a certain age will enjoy seeing such terrific reporters as Bill Littauer, Jeff Kamen, and Chris Borgen from back in the day, and who unfortunately have been forgotten with the passage of time, reporting on the story that had everyone in this city at the time on edge.

At the press screening in Tribeca for “Lost Tapes: Son of Sam,” Bill Clark, a retired NYPD defective, who was assigned to the Son of Sam task force back in ‘77 and interviewed David Berkowitz (the Son of Sam murderer) within 24 hours of his arrest, said that there were a lot of stories that were promulgated in the press that in fact had no truth to them.

The notion that Berkowitz was looking for a certain type of victim such as women with long black hair was false. The sketch that appeared in newspapers when the Son of Sam was a mystery turned out to have no resemblance to Berkowitz.

The good news is that in the post 9/11 world in which we live it seems that everyone has a camera and there is surveillance everywhere. It would be almost impossible to have an urban serial killer a la Son of Sam in this day and age, according to Clark.

When I asked Clark how it was possible for Berkowitz to travel to Brooklyn and Queens from the Bronx by car from Yonkers, find a parking space, commit his heinous deeds, and get away for a year, Clark replied that there were a million less people and two million less cars 40 years ago.

Geraldo Rivera, who was on the panel from Carson City, Nevada where he was reporting on the O.J. Simpson parole hearing, added “Don’t forget that there wasn’t the constant construction you see today on New York bridges and highways.”

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