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Help Legalize MMA In New York



I’m born and bred in New York, and I’ve never left. For the last six or seven years, since I started competing professionally, I’ve always imagined what it would be like to fight in Madison Square Garden. Being able to fight in my home state, where I belong, and have all my friends and family take the Long Island Rail Road right into Penn Station and walk into the most famous arena in the world to see me fight, would be a dream come true.

Thank you for all you’ve done for the campaign to legalize MMA in NY. But we are not done yet. We still need the Assembly to act. So I’m writing again to ask you for your help.

Will you let your assembly member know it’s time to pass legislation to finally bring safe, regulated MMA competition to New York? If so, head here and take action.

Over the past couple months, we’ve achieved some monumental developments in the fight to remove NY’s infamous label as the only state in the US where professional MMA bouts are illegal – and they’re due in large part to your passion and dedication in spreading the message.

Here are just some of the things we’ve accomplished together:
• A hugely successful upstate tour, where I was honored to join UFC leaders in bringing the fight to the steps of the Capitol in Albany
• The explosion of our social media campaign, where we now count nearly 30,000 supporters on our MMA4NY Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
• Governor Cuomo including the legalization of professional MMA events in his proposed budget, signaling his support for the cause
• The State Senate passing a bill to legalize MMA in NY – for the seventh consecutive year.

These are inspiring accomplishments, but the fight is far from over. Without the State Assembly passing the same bill as the Senate, UFC will remain illegal in New York.

I’m still in this fight. As I embark on the quest to regain my UFC middleweight title, I want to be able to fight in front of friends and family right here in my home state. And I hope you’re still in this fight with me.

I know it’s you, our fans, that make what we achieve together possible. I am asking you to finish the fight. Head here to our Facebook page. There you can find contact info for your Assemblymember and let them know it’s time to make the impossible possible.

Thanks for all you do.

Chris Weidman
Proud New Yorker

Forward this email to five friends right now and ask them join us in the fight!

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