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Brockmire Returns For Another Season


New York, NY – Veteran comedic actor and Forest Hills native Hank Azaria (“The Simpsons,” “The Birdcage”) grew up a big Mets fan in the early 1970s. One of the team’s broadcasters during his youth was the legendary Lindsey Nelson who was known for his trademark loud sports jackets and folksy Tennessee drawl.

Fast forward some 40 years and Azaria passes a thrift shop in Los Angeles and sees a garish plaid sports jacket in the window. Harking back to pleasant childhood memories, Azaria tries on the jacket and it fits him perfectly. If nothing else, he now had a conversation piece in his wardrobe.

Being the creative type that he is, as he has played and voiced hundreds of characters, Hank had an epiphany. “What if he were to create a Lindsey Nelson-type broadcaster who has a dark side and can’t filter his thoughts when he is even the slightest bit inebriated?” Thus the character of Jim Brockmire was created for the comedy Internet site, Funny Or Die.

Last spring cable network IFC, known for its offbeat comedy fare as “Portlandia,” and “Onion News Network,” commissioned Hank to create a ten-episode series based on his character. He gave a backstory in which his character, Jim Brockmire, a beloved Kansas City Royals play-by-play man has an on-air meltdown the day after he discovers his wife is hosting a swingers party in their home. He does however become an early YouTube sensation.

Brockmire is immediately fired by the Royals and finds himself blackballed from any sportscasting jobs in the country. Ten years later he is offered a broadcasting gig in a very low-level minor league team in western Pennsylvania. He eagerly takes the gig but he still used booze as a broadcast booth partner as a way to cope with his mighty fall from grace.

The ratings were fro the first season of “Brockmire” were so good that IFC renewed it for three more years. The show also got a lot of buzz in the baseball world. Joe Buck, Fox Sports’ lead announcer, made a couple of appearances in it playing an exaggerated version of himself.

Buck’s real-life former booth partner, Tim McCarver, told me that he never misses an episode. NBC Sports longtime signature voice, Astoria native Bob Costas, hosted the IFC second season premiere of “Brockmire” at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater last Wednesday. He complained to Azaria that the show always films when he is on assignment. Hank promised Costas that he would accommodate his schedule for season three so that he could make an appearance.

Perhaps the greatest indication of how “Brockmire” has quickly become accepted into the baseball community, in spite of the show’s frequent salty dialog and plotlines is that the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown has one of Jim Brockmire’s sports jackets on display. Brockmire airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on IFC.

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