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Can CC Stop The Bleeding?


Bronx, NY: For the second time in two weeks the Yankees season comes down to one game. That is what tonight’s game is for the Bronx Bombers, one game to decide is they stay in the championship dance, or they go home and reflect for next season.

I’m sure they are still reeling from yesterdays embarrassing 16-1 loss that stunned the sell out stadium crowd and everyone watching, or hearing the game in the Yankee universe. However, that was yesterday and tonight is tonight.

So tonight all eyes will be on CC Sabathia and though we know that CC is not the CC of 2007 who won the AL Cy Young Award, he is the CC that can come through for just enough innings to set the Yankee bullpen in motion. The Yankees need a big-time performance from the big guy, gentle teddy bear who can turn into a beast on the mound and help stop a possible elimination from the ALDS in Game 4 tonight.

If CC can hold the Red Sox momentum to no runs, or few runs to the 5th inning the Yankees will be in good shape as they have all of the powerful relievers rested and ready to perform their magic.

Dellin Betances, David Robertson, Zach Britton or Aroldis Chapman were not used in yesterday’s blowup, so they are all rested and ready to hold off a possible elimination if Sabathia gets into trouble.

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