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What Is The Caribbean World Series?


While baseball has been out of U.S. fans minds since Fall of 2014 with the end of the World Series, baseball has been a hot item in the Caribbean with winter baseball being played in the countries of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba. The winner of each of those countries face off in la Serie del Caribe (Caribbean Series), also called Caribbean World Series, the uppermost baseball tournament at club level in Latin America.

The tournament location is rotated annually among the four countries and is normally played in February after all of the leagues have ended their national tournaments. Last year, Cuba who was the first to host the series in 1948 was invited back to the Caribbean Series


The competition was the brainchild of Venezuelan baseball entrepreneur Pablo Morales, who devised the idea after seeing the success of the now extinct Serie interamericana in 1946, which featured the Sultanas de Monterrey from Mexico; the All Cubans from Cuba; the Brooklyn Buswicks from the U.S. and the Cerveceria Caracas from Venezuela. The Bushwicks won each year from 1946 to 1949, while the Cervecería Caracas club won the final tournament in 1950.

Inspired by the Serie Interamericana and his experience as a former president of the FIBA in 1946–1947, Morales presented his idea for a for a regional baseball tournament during the Caribbean Baseball Confederation conference in Miami on August 21, 1948. Cuba agreed to host the first Series, which would feature the top team from each of the nations that were then CBC members – Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela– in a six-game round-robin tournament to determine the winner.

The Series ran annually from 1949 to 1960, with Cuba winning seven times. However, the event was cancelled after the Cuban Revolution dissolved all professional baseball in Cuba in 1961. It was not until 1970 when the Caribbean Series was revived. The 1981 Caribbean Series was not held due to a Venezuelan League player’s strike.


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