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Carlos Beltrán: Making Boricua History in the Major Leagues


One of my favorite baseball bloggers is Tony Menendez who keeps us posted to many interesting facts on Latinos in baseball. In particular Tony also writes a lot on the few Puerto Ricans that are presently playing in the major leagues. Therefore, I like to share his articles with my readers. However, Tony writes in Spanish, thus I translate a synopsis of his writings, but if you really want the full piece, you have to visit his blog and read in Spanish.

Carlos Beltran: Making Boricua History in Baseball

A good one for Boricuas and Latinos. St. Louis outfielder, Carlos Beltran was named the National League Player of the Week for the period of May 7th to the 13th.

In six games during that week, Beltrán batted .360 and led the National League in homeruns with six, reached base a total of 30 times with a slugging percentage of 1.200. He was hot hitting safely in five of six games of which he hit a home run in four of those games. In one game he was a hit shy of batting for the cycle.

Beltrán was the second Latino selected as Player of the Week. Venezuelan, Miguel Cabrera of the American League Detroit Tigers was the first. He was selected in the beginning of the season.

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For you history buff’s below is a list compiled by Tony on all the Latinos selected as Player of the Week since 1979.

Otoniel Velez (1979),1
Juanchi Nieves (1987), 1
Danny Tartabull (1991 (2)), 2
Edgar Martínez (1991,1992,1995,1996,1999,2000,2002), 7
Rubén Sierra (1991,2004), 2
Roberto Alomar (1992), 1
Carlos Baerga (1993 (2)), 2
John Valentín (1995,1997), 2
Juan González (1995,1996,1998, 2001, 2003), 5
Santos Alomar Jr. (1997), 1
Joey Cora (1997), 1
Bernie Williams (1997,1998, 2001, 2002), 4
Iván Rodríguez (1998), 1
Carlos Delgado (1998 (2), 2000 (2), 2001,2002, 2003, 2004), 8
José Cruz Jr. (2000, 2001, 2004), 3
Carlos Beltrán (2001, 2002, 2004), 3
Luis Matos (2003) , 1
David de Jesús (2004), 1
Joel Piñeiro (2006), 1
Mike Lowell (2007,2009), 2
Mike Aviles (2008), 1
Javier Vázquez (2008), 1
Alexis Rios (2008), 1
Bengie Molina (2010), 1

José Manuel Morales (1976), 1
Sixto Lezcano (1982 (2)), 2
John Candelaria (1982), 1
Candido Maldonado (1984, 1987), 2
José Cruz, padre (1984,1987), 2
Von Hayes (1984, 1986 (3), 1987), 5
Bobby Bonilla (1987,1991,1994), 3
José Lind (1989), 1
Luis Raúl Quiñones (1989), 1
Mike Lowell (2000, 2002), 2
Javier López (2003), 1
Carlos Beltrán (2004,2006 (2), 2007 (2), 2012), 6
Felipe López (2005), 1
Bengie Molina (2008), 1
Jonathan Sánchez (2008, 2009), 2
Javier Vázquez (2009), 1
Giancarlo Stanton (2010), 1

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