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Carroll’s Cuisine: Brockmire Is A Blast


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New York, NY – It’s not surprising that baseball, being our national pastime, has long been the subject of numerous films and television shows. What is surprising though is the very limited success baseball has had in the entertainment industry.

Just about the only profitable films that I can recall are the pair of Charlie Sheen “Major League” movies and the 1988 Kevin Costner classic, “Bull Durham.” Things are even worse with respect to television as exemplified by “Pitch,” a show imagining what life would be like for the first female pitcher in the big leagues failed to draw ratings for Fox last fall.

Actor and Forest Hills native Hank Azaria, who is best known for voicing a number of voices on “The Simpsons” is hoping to buck the tide with his latest vehicle, “Brockmire,” that debuts on the edgy cable network, IFC, next Wednesday at 10 PM.

Azaria created the character Jim Brockmire for Will Ferrell’s humor website, Funny Or Die, seven years ago. Hank’s Brockmire is a folksy, silky Southern-voiced baseball play-by-play broadcaster who is beloved in Kansas City until he suffers a foul-mouthed meltdown on the air describing his wife’s infidelity between pitches of a 2007 game.

The IFC show picks up Brockmire’s life a decade later where he is given a second chance to resume his career by a desperate minor league team owner in the Pittsburgh area played by actress Amanda Peet.

Like many a baby boomer who grew up in Queens, Azaria is a rabid Mets fan. At the press premiere of “Brockmire” He admitted that he loved listening to original Mets broadcaster Lindsey Nelson. His character wears a loud plaid sports jacket whenever he is in the broadcast booth as an homage to Nelson. “I actually saw the jacket in an LA thrift store and bought it,” Azaria said.

Although Brockmire has a similar vocal intonation to the late Nelson, Hank claims that the character as a composite to a variety of baseball announcers from the 1970s. A coming attraction for the show indicated that the voice of Fox Sports, Joe Buck, will make an appearance.

Joe has always had a great sense of self-deprecating humor so playing himself here is a natural fit. If the series gets picked up for future seasons then it would be a safe bet that more familiar voices of the game will join the fun.

Even a casual sports fan will laugh with tears rolling down one’s face as Azaria’s Brockmire skewers one baseball cliche after another in the show. It should be noted that the language throughout the program is rather salty.

The television rating for this show is MA (for mature audiences) which is the equivalent of the “R” rating for movies. It’s a key reason why Major League Baseball has not allowed producers to use any trademarks or team names.

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