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Carroll’s Cuisine: Ces Creates A Mess


New York, NY – Astoria native Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco but apparently Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes deposited his on the less glamorous east side of SF Bay.

Cespedes created a stir when he told San Francisco Chronicle sportswriter Susan Slusser that he would love to finish his playing career with the Oakland Athletics prior to the start of the Mets’ three-game weekend series with the A’s.

My first reaction was that Cespedes was being both polite and nostalgic for his first big league team. He represented the A’s at the 2013 All-Star Game played at Citi Field and won the Home Run Derby the previous night. We always have feelings for our first love.

The reality is that the “Moneyball” Athletics can’t afford Cespedes. The average annual salary of his current contract is approximately $27 million which is roughly one-third of the entire A’s payroll. Yoenis is probably sending a message down the line that when he reaches the end of the line and is no longer in demand, as what happened to Phillies legends Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins, he will gladly take the MLB minimum salary from the A’s.

Cespedes crossed a line however when he said that A’s manager Bob Melvin was his favorite big league skipper. I have a feeling that Terry Collins, whose status as Mets manager going into next season is very much up in the air, couldn’t have been very happy. July has been an exciting month for Mets outfielder Michael Conforto.

Two weeks ago he represented that Mets at the All-Star Game in Miami where he collected a hit and made a nice catch. He was bummed however that the National League lost the game because that meant that he missed out on getting the $20,000 that players on the winning team received while the losing team’s players got zip. “I was thinking about that after the game,” he admitted.

Michael is from Seattle so you had better believe that he had this weekend, where the Mets travel up to the Pacific Northwest to play three games with the Mariners, circled on his calendar as soon the 2017 Mets schedule was released. I expect him to get a great reception from the sophisticated Seattle fan base even though he’s playing for the opposition.
Conforto’s outfielder teammate, Brandon Nimmo, suffered a collapsed lung just before the All-Star Game break. It wasn’t a baseball-related injury but rather it emanated from a congenital condition.

Brandon did not suffering any breathing issues as he only lost 20% of lung function. He told me that he knew something was wrong when he felt back pain after doing low exertion activities such as walking a few blocks. This is a reminder that back discomfort is a frequent indicator of serious health issues that have nothing to do with sore dorsal muscles.

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