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Carroll’s Cuisine: Compensating College Athletes


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New York, NY – Former St. John’s University men’s basketball head coach Steve Lavin is now enjoying life as a basketball analyst for both CBS and Fox Sports. Lavin was at last Wednesday’s Big East Media Day and he was thankfully his usual candid self.

The topic of compensating college athletes seems to get thornier every year for the NCAA. Lavin noted that the momentum seems to be shifting in the direction of the players making money.

While he doesn’t want to see universities add players onto their payrolls, he does think that a lot of the NCAA restrictions are outdated such as being prohibited to have an alumnus pick up the tab for a meal or allowing an athlete to earn some extra money by signing autographs at a local car dealership.

“The also needs to be an NCAA bank where athletes can obtain funds based on financial needs for everyday life situations that could be used by male and female  athletes who compete in all sports,” he added.

St. John’s Red Storm women’s basketball point guard Tamesha Alexander was one of the players who trekked to Madison Square Garden for Big East Media Day. Alexander, who is a senior studying business, said that she was drawn to St. John’s because the surrounding neighborhood reminded her of her Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood.

National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman, who grew up in Forest Hills, was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame on Monday night. That television industry magazine traditionally honors a different sports executive every year since sports are a major economic driver.

Like all major sports commissioners Bettman has taken his share of criticism but he has to be congratulated for working hard to break the insular culture of the hockey business. He has worked tirelessly to make the sports accessible to all sports fans and not just hockey diehards as evidenced by the outdoor Winter Classic.

He has been welcoming all media who want to cover his sport at league events such as the Stanley Cup Final, the NHL All-Star Game, the NHL Draft, and the aforementioned Winter Classic which will be held this New Year’s Day at Citi Field.

“Entertainment Tonight” co-anchor Kevin Frazier, who used to do the same duties for ESPN’s “Sportscenter,” attended the Broadcasting & Cable gala and he told me that he was not happy with politics rearing its head in sports and particularly at his old employer, ESPN. “Most people tune into sports to forget the problems of the world. At ‘Entertainment Tonight’ we try to put up a wall around politics.”

Just by becoming the first African-American male to win the US Open in 1968 when it was played back then at Forest Hills Stadium, Arthur Ashe’s place in history would be cemented forever. Fortunately, Ashe didn’t see it that way and was always determined to help mankind in any way that he could.

One of his pet projects before he died in1993 from AIDS was to create the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health whose dual missions are to educate people about preventable and treatable diseases and to encourage high school students to seek out careers in the health profession.

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