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Carroll’s Cuisine: Fall Television Preview [Part Two]


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Flushing, NY- On a beautiful and cool breezy Sunday afternoon at Citi Field, the New York Mets are losing 6-1 to the Miami Marlins. In the seventh inning, the Marlins lead the Amazins 2-1 until Giancarlo Stanton hit his 45th home run of the season.

Connecting off Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom on a 2-on-1 pitch, Stantons homer drove in three runs and extended Florida to a 5-1 lead. Moments later Marcell Ozuna singled to drive in an addition run. Still in the seventh inning, Marlins now lead the Amazins by a 6-1 score. With that said, here’s the rest of TV’s fall schedule…

ABC: The past few years have not been stellar for what the entertainment trade magazine, Variety, has long referred to as the Alphabet Network. The good news is that ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey has greenlit some promising programs.

My pick for the breakout star of the new season is someone who reminds me of a young Will Smith, comedic actor Brandon Micheal Hall (yes, he inverts the “e” and “a” in his middle name) who has attracted critical attention in the TBS comedy “Search Party.”

Hall has the title role in “The Mayor.” His character is an aspiring hip-hop performer who comes up with the idea of running for mayor of his small city as a publicity stunt to promote his music. Of course the joke is on him as he wins the election and has to face this responsibility.

The showrunner behind “The Mayor” is former MSNBC producer Jeremy Bronson who is trying to mesh witty comedy with a touch of much needed civics. Bronson told me that the inspiration for the show came not from Donald Trump but rather that of wrestler Jesse Ventura who served as governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.

One show that will certainly catch attention is “The Good Doctor,” whose premise is whether a top-flight surgeon has a place in medicine if he happens to be autistic.

British actor Freddy Highmore, who has played more than his share of offbeat characters, is Dr. Sean Murphy, a technical wiz in the operating room but whose interpersonal skills do not fall into the category of traditional bedside manner. The executive producer of “The Good Doctor” is David Shore who was the creative force behind the old Hugh Laurie series on Fox, “House.”

Also looking promising is “Ten Days In The Valley,” in which Kyra Sedgwick plays a writer of a weekly TV network police procedural. Art tragically imitates life when her daughter is kidnaped from her San Fernando Valley home.

The one clunker to avoid is “Kevin Probably Saves The World” starring Jason Ritter as an ordinary Joe who is forced to change his ways when he encounters a guardian angel. We’ve seen variations of this theme for years on TV and it has been done better previously based on the clip that I saw.

Although it won’t be airing until mid-season, “American Idol,” with Ryan Seacrest hosting and Katy Perry making $25 million as one of the judges, jumps to ABC two years after Fox ended its run.

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