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Carroll’s Cuisine: Furious George vs. Carmelo


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Queens, NY – Former NBA head coach George Karl has gotten a lot of negative advance press for knocking a lot of his former players in his new and cleverly titled autobiography, “Furious George” (Harper). Baby boomers will cheerfully recall the “Curious George” series of books from their childhood.

I spent last Wednesday at the Queens Civil Court central jury waiting room. As anyone who has ever been called for jury duty knows, the best way to pass the time is to bring a book with you and I figured that this was as good a time as any to find out what the brouhaha over Karl’s tome was all about.

The only place where I thought that he might have crossed a line without having any empirical proof was when he stated that both Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin had issues because they grew up without fathers while he was fortunate enough to grow up in a nuclear family just outside of Pittsburgh.

Yes, he calls out a lot of players for being immature; wanting the spotlight to themselves; and not playing defense because they feel that it doesn’t help them get fatter contracts.

In fairness to Karl, he writes only about his time coaching Carmelo Anthony in Denver and has gone on record saying that he has matured since he was traded to New York.

Knicks fans know that Carmelo Anthony will never win any awards for defensive prowess but he has put more effort into playing both ends of the court since coming to New York from Denver.

Aside from basketball, Carmelo Anthony has proven to be entrepreneur. He created and eventually sold a beverage company, Power Coco. He has now shifted his sights to funding electronic and digital startup ventures with Melo 7 Tech Partners.

On a personal note, I have always found him to be extremely gracious and he always says hello to me by name which is very unusual for any professional athlete based on my experience let alone an NBA superstar.

For the most part though, “Furious George” is a fun read as Karl talks about his various battles with management and the reasons behind his many dismissals.

On a more serious note he spends a lot of time warning readers not to make the gastronomical mistakes that he made which he feels made him more susceptible to not just heart disease but a key reason that he contracted cancer.

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