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Carroll’s Cuisine: Garth’s Gotta Go


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The Mets surprisingly dismissed third base coach Tim Teufel last week. Teufel, was a member of the 1986 Mets, and was considered a popular member of Terry Collins’ coaching staff. He always interacted with fans and when the Mets held their monthly on-field ceremony to honor various employees he would always be out there to shake their hand.

Just about the only debit on Teufel’s record were the number of runners who were thrown out trying to score from second base on a hit last year. In fairness to him, the Mets had such trouble scoring runs via ways other than the home run that he often felt that he had to roll the dice. The Mets were abysmal at getting runners in from third base with less than two out.

Most Mets fans were delighted that second baseman Neil Walker accepted the team’s one-year   qualifying offer of $17.2 million. Had Walker rejected it he would have been a free agent.

While his contributions to the Mets last year may have been overlooked because of the MVP-like season that the man he replaced, Daniel Murphy, had with the Washington Nationals, but Neil was a valuable switch-hitter who hit with power and fielded his position a lot better than Murphy ever did.

Neil Walker is a leader in the clubhouse and he always seems to enjoy talking with reporters, whether they be from big or small outlets. Unlike Matt Harvey and countless others in his profession, Neil understands that media coverage generates consumer interest and that helps drive up compensation for players.

Not that free agent slugging outfielder Yoenis Cespedes needs any extra leverage in his contract negotiations with the Mets who are desperately trying to re-sign him but he got some anyway last week when Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer was named the American League Rookie of the Year.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson traded Fulmer to the Tigers on July 31, 2015 in order to obtain Cespedes. Coming in second to Fulmer in the voting was Yankees home run-hitting catcher Gary Sanchez.

Both the New York City Football Club and the New York Red Bulls fell a bit short in their quest to win the Major League Soccer championship trophy this year but the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League did win it all when they beat the Indianapolis Eleven at St. John’s Belson Stadium a week ago. The Cosmos were led by midfielder David Diosa who grew up in Jackson Heights and graduated from Francis Lewis High School.

The Knicks have been playing a bit better of late having beaten both the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks in the last week. Team president Phil Jackson’s impolitic remarks about LeBron James’ “posse” did not seem to have an adverse effect on the team’s play although Carmelo Anthony made it clear that he did not care for Jackson’s choice of words.

As has long been his wont, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, enjoyed chatting with reporters before the Mavs-Knicks game. He was a vociferous critic of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign so it wasn’t shocking that he did not want to discuss the election. When I asked him if anyone from the Democratic National Committee had spoken to him about considering a presidential run of his own in 2020, he quickly replied, “I am not a Democrat!”

Cuban was in the news recently when he refused to credential a pair of ESPN reporters but it wasn’t because he was angry at the reporters. On the contrary, he was livid at ESPN’s Dallas digital platform for not sending their reporters to every Mavericks home game and was worried that other media outlets would try to cut down coverage in order to save money and he wanted to send a message. In short, Cuban was an unlikely defender of sportswriting jobs.

As fans of ABC’s “Shark Tank” are very aware, Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur in many different fields. He owns a low-carb baking company called Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies as well as cable television’s Axs TV among his many other properties.

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