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Carroll’s Cuisine: Get Moving, Ledecky


Image Credit: NY Islanders

Image Credit: NY Islanders

New York, NY – We are going to learn soon enough whether New York Islanders managing partner Jon Ledecky, who grew up in Bayside and completed his first year of being in charge, is serious about improving this long-running joke of a sports franchise. As a fellow Queens guy I feel that it’s incumbent upon me to provide some advice.

The first order of business is to fire inept general manager Garth Snow who has been on the job for a woeful 11 years. Under Snow’s stewardship the Islanders have more often than not missed the playoffs and this past season was no exception in spite of the fine coaching job done by interim head coach Doug Weight who succeeded longtime head coach Jack Capuano in mid-January.

Even on those rare occasions when the Islanders qualified for the NHL postseason it was generally a cameo appearance as they were bounced in the first round. In 2016 they lasted until Round 2 because they were fortunate to face the Florida Panthers, who are even  more of a dysfunctional hockey franchise, as difficult as that is to believe, in the opening round.

Doug Weight has always been a competent hockey professional which makes him somewhat of an outlier in the Islanders corporate culture. Last week he was rightfully named the Islanders permanent head coach  My suggestion, Jon, is to let Weight run the day-to-day operations as general manager and then let him hire a new head coach.

Another area where you need to act fast, Jon, is in the area of media relations. I won’t belabor you with my war stories over the years with your team’s PR department but Jon you have to wonder about the lack of coverage that the Islanders receive.

When I was in Philadelphia two weeks ago to cover one of the most important games of the Isles’ season the only New York-based sportswriter in attendance at the Wells Fargo Center besides myself was the beat reporter from Newsday. That never happens to the Rangers.

Forget road games, Jon. The Daily News doesn’t even bother to send a cub reporter to your team’s home games at Barclays Center. The Post and the Times occasionally send someone out if it’s a slow day in sports and the Rangers happen to be out of town.

Nobody knows where your team’s future home will be since the management of Barclays Center made public last year that they would prefer that the Islanders not be their tenant.

There are already too many arenas in the metropolitan area. Politicians support winning franchises and not perennial losers who get scant attention from the press and don’t seem interested in expanding their customer base.

In short, Jon, don’t expect any help from them with respect to a new building.

I hope that I’ve helped, Jon. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

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