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Carroll’s Cuisine: Hola Romo y Adiós Simms


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Flushing, NY – A few years ago I had a conversation with former Giants linebacker Jessie Armstead who was getting started in the car dealership industry. I asked him if had considered a broadcasting career since he possessed matinee idol looks, was very polished, and had national name recognition.

Armstead replied, “I thought about it briefly but I decided against it because there is always going to be some new big name who is going to take your job and I can’t risk that as I get older.”

Jessie made a wise choice as he has opened several New Jersey car dealerships over the years. I thought about him when the news broke that CBS was replacing Phil Simms as the network’s top analyst on NFL broadcasts with recently retired Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

It didn’t take long for the negative reaction to come pouring in from media pundits and callers to sports talk radio stations. This wasn’t surprising since Phil Simms is a New York icon having been a QB on two Super Bowl championship teams as well as having done a fine job as a broadcaster since joining CBS in 1998. Fans frequently think of sportscasters as extended members of their family and they generally don’t welcome change.

CBS Sports CEO Sean McManus made this decision and unsurprisingly he has taken a lot of heat. This had t have been a tough call but that’s why television executives get paid big bucks. In fairness to Sean, CBS has made a nine-figure investment in the NFL and ratings slipped last year.

Hiring Tony Romo, who is 37 years old and is popular with female fans because of his good looks, is a way to attract the under-40 demographic who may have been tuning out on Sunday afternoons. Being of Mexican descent, the hiring of Romo brings more and needed diversity to the national sportscasting industry.

Yes, Romo has no formal broadcasting experience and thus has been ripped by many as not being deserving of the top NFL analyst gig on CBS. Somehow I don’t think that as many people would have been worked up if it were Peyton Manning replacing Phil Simms.

By the way, Simms will be fine as he still has two years to go on his current CBS contract and Sean McManus certainly wants to keep him at the network. Phil knows that sports jobs, with the seeming exception of being general manager of the New York Islanders, don’t come with civil service security.

With Tony Gonzalez leaving “The NFL Today”it would be natural for Phil to take his place on CBS’s NFL pregame show. CBS could also pair him with Forest Hills native Ian Eagle who is now the Tiffany Network’s #2 play-by-play voice behind Jim Nantz. It should be pointed out however that Eagle’s current booth partner, former Chargers QB Dan Fouts, is a superb analyst.

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