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Carroll’s Cuisine: Ice Cold Isles


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Image Credit: NY Islanders

New York, NY – The New York Islanders gave their fans unexpected cause for optimism in the first two months of the season as they got off to a hot start. The fact that their chief rivals, the New York Rangers, began the 2017-18 season disastrously compiling one loss after another, made the Islanders’ early success very noticeable.

Ironically it seems that ever since Governor Cuomo announced that he was giving the Islanders ownership and their real estate developers land at Belmont Park to create a new arena the Isles have gone into a deep funk while the Rangers have reversed course and are playing like the Stanley Cup contenders they were expected to be.

Their troubles were encapsulated in back-to-back games last Thursday and Friday nights.

The Islanders traveled down the NJ Turnpike to Philadelphia where they played the Flyers, the worst team in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division. The good news was that their offense was in high gear as they scored four goals. The bad news was that their defense and goaltending was so porous that the Flyers scored six. Their biggest sin however was committing numerous dumb penalties at the worst possible times to basically hand the Flyers the game.

The following night the Islanders returned to Barclays Center and lost 4-0 to the two-time defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins. That by itself is no disgrace but not being able to score when they had a rare 5 on 3 man advantage in the final minutes of the second period was completely inexcusable.

Kudos have to be given to the Islanders however for sponsoring Mental Health Awareness Night to coincide with the Penguins game. Mental health should always be treated the same way as any other form of physical well-being but there is still a stigma to it.

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