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Carroll’s Cuisine: Jets, Giants, and Jimmy Breslin


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The Giants and Jets have shared stadiums for well over 30 years and lately they seem to be sharing players albeit with the Giants absorbing former Jets sand not the other way around.

Last March the Giants signed defensive tackle Damon “Snacks” Harrison who had started all sixteen games for the Jets in 2015 and had played well for them. The Jets were hamstrung by the NFL’s stringent salary cap and had to reluctantly part ways with him.

Last week the Giants signed former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall to replace Victor Cruz who was let go for the same NFL cap reasons. If Marshall’s history is any indicator, the Giants should expect a big first season from him. The problem is that his production drops precipitously in the second year and beyond with a given team.

Over this past weekend the backpages of the tabloids reported that the Giants were going to sign Eugene Cyril Smith III, better known to football fans as Geno Smith, to a contract to back up Eli Manning.

The move took many by surprise because Smith kept telling the press that he wanted to compete for a starting NFL quarterback job. Eli Manning is the Cal Ripken of pro football in that he never mises a game. Backing up Eli Manning is the equivalent of those old Maytag TV commercials with Jesse White playing the bored and lonely repairman.

It’s perplexing as well as to why the Giants would take a flyer on Smith . Giants head coach Ben McAdoo recently criticized Eli Manning, who possesses two Super Bowl rings, for throwing too many interceptions last year. One of Geno’s biggest problems when he did start for the Jets was that a lot of passes were picked off. That was a key reason why the team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick who quickly emulated Smith. Now both quarterbacks are off of the Jets roster.

The Giants did have to shell out lots of green to sign their All-Pro defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to four-year, $62 million contract with $40 million of that amount guaranteed. It’s to Pierre-Paul’s immense credit that he has been able to maintain his high skill level in spite of losing his right index finger in a self-inflicted fireworks mishap on July 4, 2015.

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