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Carroll’s Cuisine: A Memorable Marathon


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Staying on topic, the Sports Business Journal held their annual Sports Marketing Symposium last week in Manhattan. One of the panels included representatives from fairly new sports media entities as Stadium Sports, The Players Tribune, and Barstool Van Sports.

Barstool Van Sports, a digital outlet that targets millennial guys by talking smack as often as possible, was on the verge of getting invaluable exposure on ESPN which was going to run its most popular program, “Pardon My Take,” at 1 AM on Tuesdays.

The problem was that Barstool air personality Dave Portnoy had taken verbal shots at the talent of ESPN football pregame host, Samantha Ponder in the past and she let it be known to all that she was not happy about the Worldwide Leader in Sports doing business with them. After some dithering, ESPN president John Skipper canceled “Pardon My Take” after one airing.

It seemed to me that all Barstool executives had to do was apologize to Ponder and say that it was just trying to get some attention in a crowded marketplace. Now that they are playing the big leagues they would behave differently.

At the Sports Marketing Symposium Barstool Van Sports CEO Erika Nardini made it clear that her company would not express their regrets for its past actions with ESPN. My guess is that they don’t want to offend their frat boy audience by doing something that wasn’t “authentic” to use a favorite meaningless buzz word of marketers these days.

Stadium Sports ( is a digital sports platform that is already on Apple TV and will soon debut on both Roku and Amazon Fire. It has traditional sports commentary programs and streams a lot of live college sports programming.

One of Stadium’s sportscasters is Abby Hornacek, the daughter of Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek, who interviewed iconic golfer and very successful clothing entrepreneur Greg “The Shark” Norman at the Sports Business Journal event.

Coinciding with SBJ’s Sports Marketing Symposium was another conference and trade show, Ad-Tech, which was taking place in Chelsea. While Ad-Tech looks at how technology has affected advertising and overall media, it did not forget about sports.

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