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Carroll’s Cuisine: Mighty O’Quinn & More


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Flushing, NY – Queens native and Campus Magnet alum Kyle O’Quinn is one of the unsung heroes of the Knicks this season. O’Quinn did not have a great 2015-16 season for the Knicks, his first for them after signing as a free agent from the Orlando Magic, but he is making the most out of year number two here.

His timing couldn’t be better because the guy who starts at center in front of him, Joakim Noah, who Knicks president Phil Jackson signed to a four-year, $72 million contract, has struggled this year, and Kyle has done a fine job of picking up the slack in rebounding and scoring.

A good case in point was a game last Tuesday when the Indiana Pacers built a 15-point lead at MSG. O’Quinn didn’t singlehandedly alter the direction of the game but his stabilizing work helped the Knicks nibble away the deficit. Carmelo Anthony got hot late and started draining threes while Derrick Rose ran by flat-footed Pacers guards at will in the fourth quarter as the Knicks won going away.

Although Kyle no longer lives in our borough he’s still a frequent visitor. “My mom still lives in Jamaica so I come back a lot. I’ll see her Christmas dinner right after our game with the Celtics.”

I noticed that O’Quinn was wearing goggles during the pre-game shoot-around and I asked him if they were for protection or to improve vision. “They are prescription but I wear contact lenses during games.”

He added that he was thinking about laser eye surgery but his ophthalmologist told him that he wasn’t a good candidate for it.

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