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Carroll’s Cuisine: NYC’s College Sports Week


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New York, NY – New York has never been a big college sports town because of the number of professional sports teams here as well as so many other entertainment options. Nonetheless, the Big Apple is always the center of the college sports world the first week of December.

The week began with Monday’s presentation of the Bushnell Cup which is the Ivy League’s Heisman Trophy. Yale linebacker Matthew Oplinger was named the Defense Player of the Year while Princeton QB Chad Kanoff, who resembles JFK Jr. at that age, won the Offensive Player of the Year Award.

The following day the College Football Hall of Fame announced its class of 2018 and the biggest name was Peyton Manning. Naturally a lot of media attended this event only because they wanted to get his reaction to his brother’s trials and tribulations with the Giants this season.

Sports Business Journal held its annual Learfield Intercollegiate Athletics Forum midweek in midtown. Val Ackerman, the commissioner of the Big East Conference, of which St. John’s University is a member, did not rule out the possibility of schools giving out scholarships in the near future to video game enthusiasts because of the growing popularity of E-sports on Turner Broadcasting and ESPN. A number of Ackerman’s fellow conference commissioners concurred.

The commissioners were also concerned about the growth of traveling basketball teams comprised of high school and even younger students that are being sponsored by sneaker manufacturers. They didn’t address the issue of those same companies shelling out big bucks to sponsor their teams however.

The week culminated with Saturday’s presentation of the Heisman Trophy, the best-known award in amateur sports. The three finalists were Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, Louisville QB Lamar Jackson (who won the Heisman last year), and Stanford running back Bryce Love.

Jackson wore a stylish winter white tux and I asked him if his school bought it for him or whether the tuxedo company provided it gratis. The NCAA has byzantine regulations about athletes receiving any kind of compensation.

“My cousin bought it for me,” Lamar said. He then articulated how ridiculous the NCAA is by not allowing college athletes earn spending money or enjoy a small perk.

Bryce Love is a pre-med student at Stanford. He said that he has been able to budget his time for both partaking in athletics and for undertaking rigorous classes at one of the world’s most respected universities. When I asked Bryce, who is a junior, if he had taken organic chemistry yet, he chuckled. “No, I am waiting until the spring semester when I’ll have more time!” he replied.

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