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Carroll’s Cuisine: Post All-Star Game Paella


New York, NY – It was only fitting that 6’10” American John Isner hooked up with 6’8″ South African tennis star Kevin Anderson in the Wimbledon semifinals.

The two tallest players on the Association of Tennis Professionals Tour went the maximum five sets with Anderson winning the very elongated tie-breaker by the ridiculous score of 26-24. This wasn’t surprising since both Isner and Anderson are known for playing long matches with opponents.

If these two men meet for a night match at Arthur Ashe Stadium during the upcoming US Open my suggestion would be for patrons to let their employers know that they’ll be taking a vacation day following it since they’ll be getting very little sleep.

Comedian Kevin Hart is hosting a Wednesday night CBS summer replacement series called “TKO: Total Knockout.” In spite of its title it has nothing to do with boxing. Rather it borrows heavily from NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” with competitors trying to stop each other from getting across an obstacle course using both old school dodge ball and contraptions that look like they came from a classic Rube Goldberg cartoon.

In a similar vein to “TKO.” Yulu Toys promoted its new party game titled Watermelon Smash to the media at both the annual Toy Insider Magazine summer event and the Holiday Gift Media Preview that were held in Manhattan last week.

Watermelon Smash combines elements of musical chairs and Russian Roulette (albeit without bullets!). Contestants spin a dial and then tap a plastic watermelon which one can fill with liquids (or confetti in the spirit of the famed Harlem Globetrotters routine) over their heads. Each tap causes the watermelon pieces to slowly separate. The last spinner who causes the proverbial straw to break gets drenched.

Not everything shown at the Toy Insider expo was designed for kids. The Singing Machine Company showed off its latest devices for Karaoke enthusiasts. I tried to do justice to Johnny Rivers’ 1966 hit, “Secret Agent Man.”

Growing numbers of consumers are making themselves be heard in the marketplace in that they want the products that they use to be as chemical-free as possible. Earth Friendly Products started the ecologically conscious cleaning products market back in 1967 and the company has just introduced a hypo-allergenic baby detergent under its Ecos line. Like baby shampoo, adults whose skin is sensitive to certain dyes and need a gentler laundry product will want to use it.

Rebel Green is a new entrant in the eco-conscious market as the Wisconsin company has launched its own line of chemical-free cleaning and soap products. It even manufactures bathroom paper and tissues that don’t come from trees and yet feel and perform like the Scott and Kleenex with which we’re all familiar.

There is also more awareness for skincare products that are made strictly from plant extracts as opposed to synthetics, Beridan Naturals ( calls itself a “botanical apothecary” and it has a wide array of products. Its Simple Butter and Cool Salve are designed reduce the pain from cracked skin and sunburn respectively.

A couple weeks ago the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce held a trade show to salute that borough’s food artisans. A couple of days later a lot of those same food purveyors took part in the Brooklyn section of the Fancy Food Show held at the Javits Center. Hopefully next year Queens can replicate what Brooklyn is doing.

Kings County food creators showed that snacks do not have to be unhealthy. Sattva Vida ( Energy Bites are small circular confections that contain almonds, dates, cashews, walnuts, and other ingredients that are good for you without added sugars and they are free of gluten to boot.

Contrary to popular belief dark chocolate is good for you as it promotes good circulation. Raaka ( and Fine & Raw ( both produce chocolate bars with high cacao content which is beneficial to health.

Flatbreads are becoming increasingly popular. Norwegian Baked’ s Knekkebrod ( wheat-free but contains sunflower, flax, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. The Matzo Project ( proves that the famous unleavened bread is not just for Passover and can be tastier than the varieties offered by Manischewitz and Streit’s.

Fans of old school family made challah, bread try Jack Bakes ( whose founder, Jack Hazan, literally is using his grandmother’s made from scratch recipe in each loaf that he bakes. The heat and humidity of summer are upon us so if you want to indulge in a delightful ice cream treat that have a South Asian influence when it comes to ingredients, try a pint of Malai. (

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