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Carroll’s Cuisine: Sandy Has Mets In Spin Mode


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Flushing, NY – Mets general manager Sandy Alderson held a press conference prior to the start of the Mets current homestand last Friday afternoon. The Mets were in the midst of a seven-game losing streak and were just coming off a winless six-game road trip.

One of Alderson’s strengths is projecting an image of always having a steady hand on the tiller. Not surprisingly, he spoke in a soothing manner about how there is a lot of the baseball season left and he expects the Mets’ play, particularly the team’s highly vaunted pitching, to improve.

I asked Alderson is he was concerned about home attendance sharply decreasing not just because of mounting Mets losses but also because of the number of household names on the disabled list such as Yoenis Cespedes, Jeurys Familia, and Noah Syndergaard, not to mention lot of other players.

Alderson responded by saying that attendance is not his priority but conceded that not having your stars does affect the gate. “Attendance is a function of winning and I think that our players have underperformed so far,” he added.

Neil Walker, the Mets affable All-Star caliber second baseman and an unquestioned team leader, echoed Sandy’s sentiments when he told me in the clubhouse just before his press conference, “We will play better.”

Well-traveled outfielder Ben Revere was back at Citi Field last weekend as a member of the Angels. “I’m always wearing a different uniform every time you see me,” he joked. “Ben, you haven’t played for either New York team yet,“ I responded.

“The Yankees used up all of their single- digit numbered uniforms,” he replied. “ Ben, you’d wear a Yankees uniform with three digits on the back if need be,” I quipped. “You got that right,” he laughed. You can’t help but like a professional athlete who can laugh at himself.

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