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Carroll’s Cuisine: Sean Avery’s Ice Capades


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averybookNew York, NY – Former New York Rangers fan favorite, Sean Avery, has written his autobiography, the cleverly-titled “Ice Capades” (Blue Rider Press). It’s clear that the irrepressible Avery did not use a ghost writer because this book is clearly in his voice.

Not surprisingly he attacks his old coach, the martinet John Tortorella. He more or less questions Tortorella’s sanity in both the way he treated his players and the way he reflexively called the team’s beat writers idiots. He was really ticked off at Torts however for wondering aloud whether his side businesses or his going to trendy New York nightclubs after games were affecting his performance on the ice and commitment to the team.

At a time when homophobia was rampant in professional sports, Avery was an outspoken advocate for marriage equality and couldn’t give a crap what anyone thought because of his interest in fashion or his friendship with Vogue doyenne Anna Wintour which resulted in a highly publicized internship at the magazine that was the basis for the film, “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Avery is married to model Hilary Rhoda and is now studying acting. He adds that he has always been interested in performing Shakespeare since he grew up near Stratford, Ontario, which is famous for its summer production of The Bard’s works.

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