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Carroll’s Cuisine: My Stew With The Isles & More


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Image Credit: NY Islanders

Image Credit: NY Islanders

New York, NY – One-time Islanders captain, Mark Streit, who enjoyed a very distinguished NHL career, announced his retirement last week.

Mark unfortunately played on some very bad Islanders squads and he had to be the face of the team. I remember covering a Bruins-Islanders game in October 2011 in which the Isles got smoked 6-0 and had very few shots on goal to boot.

After the game I mentioned to Streit that it appeared as if Bruins goalie Tim Thomas could have had dinner in front of his net without being disturbed. He understood that I was trying to put a lighthearted spin on a bad day at the office for his team and he smiled.

However an Islanders executive who overheard our conversation was incensed that I, a writer for a Queens weekly newspaper, had the audacity to speak to his majestic captain in such an irreverent jocular manner. I haven’t been granted a credential to cover an Islanders home game since then. The funny thing is that I truly believe that this executive would have been slapping me on the back with a hearty laugh had I been writing for Newsday.

You don’t have to possess a Harvard MBA to figure out that when a sports team gets press coverage, especially one that is basically just a blip on the sports/entertainment radar screen to nearly everyone with the exception of a few thousand passionate hockey fans, it can only enhance revenue for that franchise.

I was hoping that the team’s managing partner, Jon Ledecky, who grew up in Bayside, would try to change this insular, thin-skinned corporate culture given that it has been two years since he and his partner, Scott Malkin, took over the team from the inept Charles Wang.

From my perspective however nothing seems to have changed.  Before purchasing an equity stake in the Islanders, Ledecky was a minority owner of the Washington Capitals but apparently he learned next to nothing from that team’s sharp managing partner and fellow New Yorker,  the especially media savvy Ted Leonsis.

Baby boomer Islanders fans who want to relive their glory days should pick up a copy of “Birth of a Dynasty” (Sports Publishing) written by current MSG Network and ESPN Radio personality Alan Hahn who covered the Isles for Newsday before moving onto electronic media.

Hahn does a terrific job discussing the state of hockey in our area in the late 1970s when the Rangers-Islanders rivalry was first starting to heat up. Long Island was really on the sports map when the Islanders won the Stanley Cup in 1980 and would continue to do so for the next three years.

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