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Carroll’s Cuisine: And Still Champion…


New York, NY  – Joey Chestnut, as expected, won his eleventh July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, but it wasn’t without controversy. Joey had a big lead over his nearest competitor, Carmen Cincotti, but the manual count was slow to register the actual count of hot dogs consumed.

The elite competitors: Chestnut, Cincotti, and Matt Stonie, were grabbing wieners from two plates and the manual scorers couldn’t keep up. According to the final arbiter, Brooklyn district attorney Eric Gonzalez, Chestnut consumed 74 hot dogs. Major League Eating czar and Nathan’s Dog Eating master of ceremonies George Shea will have to use a computerized scoring system in the future.

Three cheers to ESPN for televising the Special Olympics. In spite of cognitive issues these Olympians are terrific athletes. Brittany Tagliareni, who has been diagnosed with autism, is a professional tennis player from Sanford, Florida who has won doubles tournaments playing against what most of us would consider to be traditional competitors. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brittany were to qualify for the US Open, if not this year then perhaps in the near future.

Queens was well-represented at the Fancy Food Show that was held at the Javits Center last week. Mansi is a Jamaica-based company that makes juice from the calamansi, a citrus fruit found in the Philippines that tastes like an amalgam of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Unsurprisingly, it’s a great source of Vitamin C. LRA Imports from Astoria displayed its wide array of food and beverage products from Italy which included different broads of pasta, sauces, and espresso.

Long Island City’s Caviar Select helped the Fancy Food Show live up to its name. Finally, the company that’s named after the neighborhood where it got its start, Elmhurst, has dropped “Dairy” from its name and is now making milk from various types of nuts exclusively. I have to say that cashew and walnut milk are refreshing and tasty beverages.

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