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Carroll’s Cuisine: TV Networks, Why Not?


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ESPN CEO John Skipper did acknowledge that the economic landscape has become more challenging in the age of cable cord-cutting but emphasized that his network’s famous slogan still holds true. It is still the unquestioned “worldwide leader in sports” and he emphasized to ad buyers that sports is the one area that people want to watch live as opposed to watching it later on their cable DVR.

Mike Greenberg, who is one of half of ESPN Radio’s popular radio show, “Mike & Mike” (former NFL linebacker Mike Golic is his partner), will be leaving that show and will host his own morning show from New York starting New Year’s Day.

To remind ad agency folks about his big league status, Serena Williams stopped by the stage of the Minskoff Theater to chat with him. Serena will be missing the 2017 US Open because of her pregnancy so this was as close to Flushing Meadows as she will get for quite awhile.

Former Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be joining the ESPN “Sunday Football Countdown” team this year. He laughed when I told him that he doesn’t have to worry about current Jets head coach Todd Bowles ever taking this gig from him since Bowles is reticent to ever answer a postgame question with more than two sentences. Rex was careful not to criticize his successor but he acknowledged the importance of engaging the media, and by extension, fans.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo made his first public appearance since being named Jim Nantz’s broadcasting partner on NFL telecasts at the CBS Upfront which was held, as per tradition, at Carnegie Hall. He smartly poked fun at the fact that he has not been welcomed when he traveled to New York in the past as a Cowboys player who was there to beat the New York Giants.

Nevertheless, Romo is going to be a work in progress based on what I observed as his speech was peppered with too many “you knows” and he looked a bit nervous on the Carnegie Hall stage which was understandable.

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