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Carroll’s Cuisine: Welcome Back, Omar


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The Mets surprised everyone last Friday when they announced that they were bringing back Omar Minaya into the organization, and specifically, as an adviser to the man who replaced him as general manager in 2010, Sandy Alderson.

While many Mets fans remember Minaya, who grew up in Corona and attended PS 19, IS 61, and Newtown High School, for his splashy trades and free agent signings that netted Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and Cliff Floyd, what is often overlooked about him is that he has a keen eye for amateur talent that has succeeded at the big league level.

At the recent winter baseball meetings in Orlando Sandy Alderson admitted that the Mets’ minor league system was pretty threadbare in terms of potential major league talent. It’s natural that Mets CEO Fred Wilpon would want to reach out to Minaya to do a third tour of duty with the team and that Alderson would wisely accept his assistance.

Omar handled his dismissal as Mets general manager seven years ago with a ton of class. He knew that it was part of the business that he had chosen and did not burn any bridges. He has actually been a frequent visitor to Citi Field since then first working as a talent evaluator for the San Diego Padres and later as an executive for the Major League Baseball Players Association of America. Omar’s career shows the value of both being good at your job and being likable.

A lot has been written in the dailies about how Mets fans got coal in their Christmas stockings. I am not in the habit of defending Mets management but Sandy Alderson may be right in being patient. Aside from the Yankees’ splashy trade for slugger Giancarlo Stanton, both the baseball free agent and trade market have been slow to develop for all teams.

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