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Carroll’s Cuisine: Winter Rangerland at Citi Field


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Credit: Daniel Budasoff/Latino Sports

The New Era Pinstripe Bowl, which pits the third or fourth best teams in the Atlantic Coast and the Big 12 Conferences, will never be considered an elite game for college football teams.

Having said that, the game, which is now in its 8th year and is played in the middle of the Christmas-New Year’s week, is always very entertaining and draws about 40,000 fans as well as a lot of NFL scouts. This year was no exception as the University of Iowa defeated Boston College 27-20 in a game where the lead constantly changed hands.

The NFL decided at the last minute that it did not want a New Year’s Eve game played at night so teams either played at 1:00 or at 4:30 PM EST. That left NBC in a bind because it had no football game and it was too late for them to have Carson Daly whip up his usual New Year’s Eve show which competes with Ryan Seacrest’s “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” on ABC. Daly and NBC will be back this coming December 31st.

Former Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and his wife Laura are still collecting toys and accepting donations through this Saturday which is Three Kings Day. You can learn more by logging onto .

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