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Carroll’s Cuisine: Yankees Winning Aura


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New York, NY – The Yankees have one of the most formidable lineups in modern baseball history and their pitching is very good as well. Therefore on any given day they can beat you with either their offense or pitching.

While this may sound obvious, last Sunday’s 3-1 win over the Angels on a dreary day at Yankee Stadium showed that the 2018 Bronx Bombers can win a game just on reputation.

The Angels starter was 21 year-old Garrett Richards, who the Yankees battered earlier this season when they were in Anaheim, started the game and was so shaky that he was pulled by Angels manager Mike Scioscia before the end of the third inning as he gave up three runs. That stat wasn’t so awful by itself.

The problem was that the Yankees hitters didn’t even have to take the bats off of their shoulders as a rattled Richards walked and hit batters and threw wild pitches to give the Yankees basically a free path around the bases.

Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka went six solid innings while the bullpen triumvirate of David Robertson, Dellin Betances, and Aroldis Chapman held the Angels scoreless.

The Angels were able to get their leadoff hitter on base for most of the game which is normally a harbinger of trouble. In his postgame press conference Yankees manager Aaron Boone agreed that would normally be a recipe for disaster, as Mets fans know all too well, but that his pitching staff made the right pitches when they had to.

I hope that Mets general manager Sandy Alderson does a better job with his personal investments than he has done with the millions of dollars he lavished on starting pitcher Jason Vargas and reliever Anthony Swarzak.

Vargas has been pelted by opposing hitters as if he were a softball pitcher in a beer league in nearly every outing that he has had while Anthony Swarzak has missed most of the first third of the season because of an injury to his left arm.

In fairness to Alderson, he did not make those decisions in a vacuum. He realized that the Mets needed more starting pitching depth and he did not have the budget to go after a top-notch hurler like Jake Arrieta who the Phillies smartly signed. Vargas enjoyed a good season for the 2017 Royals while Swarzak had the same with the Brewers.

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