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Carroll’s Recap: The 2016 Sports Emmys & NY Sports


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New York, NY – It may not get the attention from the television industry that the Primetime Emmy Awards do but the movers and shakers of the sports world came out last week to honor their own at the Sports Emmy Awards.

Katie Nolan, who picked up an Emmy for her popular social media videos, is known for her quick wit and her vast knowledge of sports while possessing a girl next door attractiveness.

When I asked her why Fox Sports executives hadn’t integrated her into either their MLB or NFL pregame shows she answered, “That may be in the works. I am happy that my career is growing in a steady manner. For me to get higher profile assignments though I may have to relocate to Los Angeles which I don’t want to do right now, if ever.”

One broadcaster who did leave New York for LA at the behest of Fox is former Mets SNY reporter Kevin Burkhardt who is enjoying life near the Pacific. Burkhardt was back in New York as a presenter and was up for best play-by-play broadcaster but lost to NBC’s hockey voice, Mike “Doc” Emerick.

Kevin said that he stays in regular contact with his SNY successor, Steve Gelbs. The Mets were playing the Dodgers in LA just as the Sports Emmys were taking place here. “Believe me, I was aware of the irony,” Kevin said.

It was a great night for broadcasting veterans as well.

Bill Raftery is the sports version of the great CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer in that it seems like he has just recently been discovered by the masses even though he’s been around seemingly forever. Raftery is a great storyteller who never resorts to shtick or cliches.

CBS college football voice Verne Lundquist was honored with a lifetime achievement Emmy. In his acceptance speech, Lundquist discussed how rocky his early years in  national sportscasting were including a stint in the late ‘70s and early ‘80 at ABC.

He knew the handwriting was on the wall for him at when ABC Sports czar Roone Arledge refused to add him to their 1980 Winter Olympics coverage team. “When Al Michaels was screaming ‘Do you believe in miracles?’I was in Peoria worrying if a PBA bowler was going to make a 7-10 split!”

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was a presenter and he clearly aspires to be a sportscaster when his NFL career is over. The telegenic Cruz, who clearly benefits from playing in New York,  has endorsement deals with McDonald’s, Nike, JP Morgan Chase, Time Warner Cable, and Alcon Dailies contact lenses.

I asked Cruz if he worried that the Giants might use his endorsement deals as leverage against him in contractual negotiations. “I am sure that they keep that in their back pocket but they’ve been fair to me,” he replied.

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